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Welcome to our sign-up page for customers who have purchased a 12 month subscription to a Sage Business Cloud Accounting product. Your purchase will have included the delivery of a 16 digit unique code. Please locate this code as you will need it when signing up to Sage Business Cloud Accounting. To sign up, please choose the button that corresponds to the product that you have purchased (Accounting Start or Accounting). When you click, a sign-up page will appear. Please ensure that you enter your 16 digit unique code into the ‘Promo Code’ field. Once you have signed up you will receive 12 months access to your Sage Business Cloud Accounting service. After this period ends you will be asked to enter your direct debit details to pay Sage monthly to continue using the service. We will invoice you on the first of the next month after you enter these details and your first invoice may include a pro rata amount. If you need any help please visit our help centre at http://uk.sageone.com/support/
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