Sage One Accounting Software for Accountants

As an accountant, you’re tasked with helping your clients deal with some of the most commonplace, yet complex realities of life. You need a sharp eye for fine detail, as well as an ability to see the bigger picture when it comes to making the most of every opportunity.

You also need to think on your feet. In a world of rapidly shifting legislation and evolving best practice, it falls to you to stay one step ahead of the game if you want to guarantee your clients the best possible service.

Above all, you need to demonstrate the same level of care and attention in your own financial practices as you perform on behalf of your clients. The way you organise your affairs and adhere to the word of the law sends a powerful message about the kind of service you offer. The cobbler’s children can go barefoot, but the accountant’s finances need to be airtight!

Keeping your accounting service ahead of the game

The skills you need as an accountant extend to every aspect of your business and apply equally to yourself and those you work with. Clients, both current and prospective, talk to one another and in this context they’re unlikely to be discussing their own personal finances, they’ll be discussing you! To make the right impression, you need to be:

Organised. Ideally, your day-to-day job as an accountant will keep you busy managing multiple clients, each with their own unique requirements and demands on your time. Juggling each of these and leaving them feeling satisfied takes the right tools for the job.

Invest in a small selection of powerful tools to help you organise your time and keep all your data as centralised as possible.

Flexible. Whether it’s something as mundane as a meeting time changing, or as grand as the introduction of sweeping new laws which shake the foundations of your industry, a good accountant embraces change.

Your toolkit should be selected on the basis of how well it keeps up with the reality of your job. Over-specialised equipment and software can quickly become obsolete or simply useless.

Attentive. Treating your accountancy practice as a one-size-fits-all affair is a good way to talk yourself out of work. Each client has their own needs which change over time. Staying connected and treating every working relationship as an ongoing dialogue will make clients feel valued and help secure referrals or repeat business.

The tools you use should complement your interpersonal skills and provide a platform for open, productive communication.

Transparent. Your industry rests on strict ethical standards which affect the level of trust the public has in your ability to look after their financial interests. Whether it’s simply advising on tax issues or helping re-assess a client’s finances from the ground up, you need to build trust from day one.

Your choice of equipment and software needs to empower you to provide clear, concise breakdowns of what you’re doing on a client’s behalf as quickly as possible.

Confident. As well as knowing that you’re acting in their best interests, clients want to know that you love what you do and presenting yourself with confidence lies at the heart of this. When a client trusts implicitly that you know what you’re doing, they’re more likely to continue using your services.

Whatever tools you use in your daily practice, they need to help you present information in a positive, reassuring way.

What does accounting software need to do?

Setting yourself up with the right accounting software package is absolutely critical when it comes to staying on top of your accounts and those of your clients. To address all of the concerns facing accountants today, this software needs to be:


Sage One is adaptable

Sage One Accounting has been developed with the future in mind. Maybe you’re a solo accountant with a handful of smaller clients, we’re confident you won’t want to stay that way forever. Maybe you’re a larger firm where the sky’s the limit in terms of the number and size of accounts you can take on.

Either way, your accounting package needs to scale up. As your client base grows, so will your own practice and you need to know the same software you’re using in the early days can grow with you, saving you time in data entry and adapting to new software solutions.

Ideally, your software will also help you keep track of the ever-evolving legislative environment in which you operate. Sage One helps you stay fully compliant without wasting time overhauling the systems you’re using.

Sage One is accessible

A powerful, reliable cloud-based accounting package is by now a requirement for firms which want to stay competitive. Online accounting software for accountants is a unique case, in that you need to be able to access sensitive financial information from any given location on a variety of devices.

You want software whose highest priority is the security of your data, but at the same time won’t stand in the way of you getting the job done. When the phone rings and a client needs a report, Sage One lets you provide a digestible overview from any device no matter where you are. It also lets you provide a fully customisable service to meet the needs of your clients in as much depth as they require.

Sage One is unified

Whether you’re processing payments and invoices for your own firm or handling complex accounts for a client, the software you’re using will ideally allow you to do it all with one single familiar interface.

Sage One not only lets you perform any task you may be faced with over the course of your day, it’s also easy to pick up and use. 24/7 support from our team ensures that you always have a helping hand at your disposal should you need clarification on any aspect of the service.

Accounts for accountants by Sage One

Whether you’re just starting out on your accounting journey or a developed practitioner looking to streamline your growing client base, Sage One Accounting lets you manage every aspect of your client’s finances as well as your own.

Add-ons like Sage Payroll and Sage Pay allow you to grow in any direction you require, meaning you’ll never feel restricted by the software you’re using. Start your free trial today.