Easy to use online VAT software for UK small businesses

If your business is VAT registered, you must produce a monthly or quarterly VAT Return for HMRC. With Sage One Accounting, doing an online VAT return is quick and easy. Once you’ve created the VAT return, you can also record your payment or refund of VAT.

Sage One automatically calculates VAT you owe depending on your VAT scheme and the rates you choose when entering your transactions. Once you have completed your VAT return you can then save, print or submit the VAT return online.

Sage One is VAT accounting software purpose built for VAT returns

With online VAT software Sage One you can calculate and submit your VAT return online in four simple steps. With built-in VAT tools, Sage One helps you stay friends with the VAT man and gives you peace of mind. Sage One supports all major VAT schemes and completing your VAT return is really quick and easy.

Online VAT Software

  • Simply select the date range you want to run the report for and Sage One will generate the VAT return based on the information you’ve entered. You can check the figures in a detailed report and make any adjustments required before completing the return.
  • Sage One Accounting will generate a detailed VAT return showing clearly what is owed to you or what you owe HMRC. At the click of a button you can then submit your figures direct to the HMRC, without the need to manually enter these figures through the government web site, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the thing that is most important to you, your business.
  • If you prefer, you can save this return and submit it later, if you don’t want to complete the VAT Return yet.
  • If you’re still not sure what to do, our help pages are full of useful information and video tutorials and the low-cost monthly subscription includes free 24hr telephone and email support.

Sign up for your 30 day free trial of Sage One Accounting today. Create an account in just five minutes, then get back to running your business.

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Because our Sage One Accounting software is cloud-based, we will automatically update the VAT rates in line with any new legislation so you don’t have to worry about a thing. It also allows you to provide a login to your accountant or bookkeeper so they can go in and check your figures and make sure you are doing things correctly. Sage One is online and works on tablets and mobile so you can do your accounts anywhere, anytime.

VAT Schemes

Sage One supports all major VAT schemes including Standard VAT, VAT Cash Accounting and the Flat Rate VAT scheme (Invoice and Cash Based).

If your business changes VAT scheme, to make sure that VAT calculates correctly, you can change the settings in Sage One and specify the date that the new scheme takes effect.

When you sign up for Sage One Accounting you will be asked which VAT scheme you are on.

Once the VAT return has been completed, it’s automatically stored allowing you to look back at any historical VAT returns at the click of a button.

VAT rates

To keep things simple, when you enter a transaction in Sage One there are five VAT rates to choose from. You don’t need to worry about maintaining the rates, Sage One does this for you. Simply choose the appropriate VAT rate for your transaction:

  • Standard – 20%
  • Lower Rate – 5%
  • Zero Rated – 0%
  • Exempt – Transactions are exempt from VAT but the net amount still appears on your VAT Return.
  • No VAT – No VAT and the transaction doesn’t appear on your return.

Manage more than one business

You may be involved in more than one business and need to account for them separately. With Sage One Accounting, you can set up multiple businesses and manage them with a single login.

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What our customers say about using Sage One software for VAT returns

(5 stars)

“Sage One has been crucial in helping us keep all of our books in order and file VAT returns. The fact you know how much VAT you owe with two clicks is great and the whole process saves on office paper and postage.”

Brian McDermott

(5 stars)

“Having reviewed a number of options in the market, I was keen to utilise a SaaS offering that was scalable with my business and included automated VAT submissions and payroll management including Real Time Information (RTI) for PAYE. Further to the functionality, it was the simple, modern interface that attracted me to Sage One and the free 24/7 support has also been invaluable.”

James Richards

(5 stars)

“What I like about Sage One is it’s so easy to use. It takes all the hassle and concerns you have away. I can quickly update the system on an evening or weekend and be comfortable knowing I will have all my accounts in good order for filing my end of year accounts.”

Vanessa Johnson