How Sage One can help you manage your accounts as a Financial Advisor

The job of a financial advisor means doing your best with the incredible level of trust placed in you by your clients. From the very start of a working relationship where you assist people work though their debt and budgeting issues through to helping them maximise their investment potential, you need to stay on the ball.

A good financial advisor is an eternal optimist with an eye for opportunity, but also the savvy to guide their clients to make calculated risks.

You also need to stay consistent with your own finances. Nobody wants advice from someone who doesn’t appear to have their own affairs in order. Practice what you preach!

What makes a good financial advisor?

Whether you’re just starting out as a financial advisor or looking for ways to grow your established practice, the principles of what makes you great to work with remain the same.

In such a strictly regulated industry, it pays to keep an eye on fast-moving regulations. Organisations like the FCA website provide help for independent advisors. Meanwhile, the GOV.UK site contains a broader spectrum of policy and legislative advice.

You also need to select a small, focused set of tools which will make putting these principles into action that much easier. Whether you invest in equipment, software or (ideally) both, this toolkit must be Versatile, Reliable & Cohesive.


In the best case scenario, you’ll be working with the same clients over a long period of time. You’ll be coming to understand what makes each tick, their appetite for risk and the ethical guidelines which dictate how they want to see their money invested. Don’t be surprised if any of these factors change considerably over your journey together.

The tools you use need to reflect this need to stay on your toes and move with the times in terms of spotting opportunities in good markets, ways to stay afloat in bad ones, and then providing the means to act on these.


Speaking of opportunity, it can come knocking at any time. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to invest in the next big thing won’t wait until you get off the golf course and boot up your laptop. A good financial advisor is there when needed; their calling cards are consistency and results.

The equipment and software you use needs to come with as few conditions as possible. In the best instance you’ll be able to get the most out of the tools you use from multiple locations with secure backup plans to deal with problems.


While you might have many clients, you’re still just one person. You may be talking about multiple investments, but still for the same client with the same principles guiding them. Having an email here, a report there and a portfolio somewhere else can become a logistical headache, one best avoided.

For this reason, your toolkit should be small but carefully chosen. Any tools which help centralise multiple sources of input are wise investments. The key is to take in a lot of information and produce one clear, assertive answer.

Accounting software for financial advisors

The core of your practice should consist of carefully chosen online accounting software. Given that you’ll be working in an environment which rests on keeping information ordered and easily accessible, you need to set the right example.

Sage One Accounting has been developed with the needs of finance professionals in mind. Whether you’re handling the logistics of your own business or tracking the details of your growing client base, it helps you:

Stay coordinated. In the course of your daily routine you’ll be dealing with multiple accounts, switching between them at a moment’s notice and still expected to have all the answers. Good accounting software for financial advisors is that which puts all the information you need within easy reach, using the same streamlined system. Add-ons for specific tasks let you further specialise without needing to pick up another software package.

Embrace change. Sage One Accounting scales up with your business. It’s the same easy, accessible interface whether you’re an independent advisor or running a firm of dozens. Access client details with the same streamlined process no matter how many people you have on the books. It also stays updated to help you keep on top of the latest legislative changes affecting this fast-paced industry.

Keep in touch. By using Sage One Accounting software you unlock limitless connectivity with your colleagues and clients. Access the same service from a range of platforms using the power of our cloud-based system. You can also rest easy when it comes to security, as the safety of your data is something we absolutely won’t compromise on. Sage One looks after what matters most without standing in the way of your work.

Be open and honest. Our software lets you, your clients and your staff enjoy total transparency when it comes to the information at their fingertips. Provide digestible data overviews on demand or run in-depth reporting from any location and on any device. Sage One Accounting eliminates the need to make excuses and helps you build trust within your professional sphere.

Communicate with confidence. Why waste time training staff to use complex software? Sage One is easy to pick up and build into your existing practice. That means no uncertainty when it comes to presenting your clients with what they want to see. You also benefit from the 24/7 support provided by our dedicated team to clarify any aspect of the service.

Accounting for financial advisors by Sage One

Sage One Accounting helps financial advisors like you stay in charge of the information they need. It’s perfect for newly qualified advisors tackling their first big challenges or established firms who just need to streamline their data.

As your business and your needs develop, add-ons like Sage Payroll and Sage Pay let you bring extra dimensions to your practice without the pain of picking up a new software package. Start your free trial today.