Payroll year end returns

Each year, if you’ve paid at least one employee, you’ll need to send specific information to HMRC. To do this you’ll need to:

      • Process leavers
      • Process your final payroll
      • Submit your FPS and EPS
      • Make your submission for your year end

Sage One Payroll makes the payroll year end process as simple as possible.

Real time information (RTI)

Real time information now means that you need to submit payroll information to HMRC each time you complete your payroll. There are two types of submissions you need to send through:

        • Full Payment Submission (FPS), which contains information about your employees’ pay and any starters or leavers.
        • Employer Payment Summary (EPS), which you need to submit if no one was paid in the reporting period, or to claim any payments or reclaim deductions.

Sage One Payroll automates your payroll and ensures you record and submit the right information to HMRC to meet the RTI requirements

National Insurance

If your employees are paid more than £111 a week, you’ll need to keep HMRC informed about National Insurance contributions.

Sage One Payroll takes care of this for you. It includes all the NI categories you need and automatically calculates the National Insurance, so you can be sure that your business and your employees are paying the right amount.

Sage One Payroll also helps you manage less common issues, like a missing NI number. It will automatically include a National Insurance Verification Request (NVR) in your FPS submission.