Bookkeeping software:
save time and easily manage tasks

There’s a range of software for bookkeepers, so how do you choose the right one?

We know that as a bookkeeper, your time is precious so we’ve developed Sage Accounting to help you save time, become more efficient and make it easier to manage all your clients in one place.

- Manage multiple businesses with a single login
- Simple time saving features such as bank feeds
- Quick and easy to get started
- Access from anywhere with an internet connection
- Easily share reports and collaborate with clients online
- Effortlessly handle foreign currency transactions

Sage Accounting software for bookkeepers

We think that your bookkeeping software should make common tasks easier. Sage Accounting has been designed to have everything you need- maybe that’s why Sage was the winner of the Software Provider of the Year 2013 award and Sage Accounting has been accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB).

Benefits of Sage Accounting for bookkeepers

Simple time saving features

Spending time manually inputting data can be tedious, frustrating and increases the risk of errors. That’s why Sage Accounting includes a customisable interface to allow you to enter high volumes of data quickly to dramatically reduce time spent on data entry.

Easily manage multiple businesses

As a bookkeeper you need to be able to manage multiple sets of clients simply. Sage Accounting lets you manage multiple businesses through your single login. With just one click, you can easily switch between the different company’s accounts, saving you time.

Faster bank reconciliation

Bank reconciliation can be time-consuming. With Sage Accounting, you can import bank statements and our software will automatically match them with the accounts information. You have complete control over the step-by-step process, so you know exactly what data is being reconciled.

Quick and easy to get started

If you’re using new software it should be simple to get started. With Sage Accounting it is. It’s designed to be easy to use but powerful. You can get up and running really quickly by using our simple wizard to import your data. This removes the headache of transferring information from other software and means you can start managing your clients’ accounts quickly.

Get access from anywhere with an internet connection

With some bookkeeping software programs you need to be on site at the client’s office to be able to keep their books up to date. With Sage Accounting, you can work from anywhere with an internet connection- from home, from your office or on the move. This makes it easier to provide a more responsive service for your clients. As you can work remotely, you can work with clients across a wider geographical area, giving you a greater opportunity to win business.

Sage Accounting provides complete data security, so you can be sure all your clients’ data is safe. We use built-in security protocols including virus scanning, high standard data encryption and user authentication, so you can work online with total peace of mind.

Give your customers access while maintaining control

It’s always a balancing act. If you give your customers access they can input their own data but if they need a bookkeeper they may not have the skills or knowledge to understand how to use it. Sage Accounting is simple online bookkeeping software designed to be intuitive, which makes it easy to use even for people with little accounting experience. You can set the access levels and provide different views for each user, so your clients don’t get distracted or confused by too much detail.

Support companies who trade overseas

If your clients trade overseas, you need software for bookkeepers that makes it simple to handle multiple currencies and VAT rates. Sage Accounting makes it easy to process payments in any currency. Exchange rates are updated in real time and automatically calculated when processing invoices. By default, the software also selects the correct VAT rate for each country to make processing foreign currency transactions even easier. So you can confidently continue to support your clients as they expand their business.

Simple to provide the right reports to your clients

As a bookkeeper, it can be time-consuming to generate the right reports for your clients. We think it should be simple to add value by sharing the right information without having to spend lots of time creating reports. Sage Accounting has a reporting system that allows you to generate the reports you want, as and when you need them in either CSV or PDF format. This allows you to keep your clients informed and saves you time.

Automatically import transactions using bank feeds