Recent and upcoming improvements to Sage One

1 week ago
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We’re constantly rolling out improvements to Sage One and listening to your feedback on how we’re doing.

One of the recent pieces of feedback we received was a question about product changes: “Where can I see all of the recent upgrades in one place, along with the upcoming upgrades?

So we’ve put together a list of these changes, which you’ll find below, for each of the Sage One solutions. (If you have any questions or would like to learn more about any aspect of these changes, please get in touch

Over the last 12 months, we’ve introduced the following changes:

• Inventory launch, offering great value to customers managing stock
• User experience enhancements making the interface faster and easier to use
• Banking: Lloyds; Cash Plus; Nat West; RBS are all live – meaning clean banking data straight to Sage One and saving time on reconciliation.
• Nest Pension integration for one-click submission to Nest, keeping our clients compliant
• Smart Pension integration is happening next
• Invoices, quotes (iOS only), Android launch with invoicing: Allowing our customers to work when they want to on the go.

We strive to ensure you always have the most up-to-date, compliant, and best available technology to make managing your accounting as hassle-free and easy as possible. We also post our latest update to the live timeline on the website and

If you have feedback, questions, or thoughts you’d like to share with us about any aspect of Sage One – such as features you’d like to have, or any problems you’ve encountered – please follow this link.

We take on board every piece of feedback you give us, and we make every effort to ensure Sage One meets your satisfaction.

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