GDPR is here!

1 year ago

GDPR is almost here!

On Friday 25th May (yes, this Friday), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. This is just the start of the GDPR and over the next 12 months, we’ll learn more about what its impact on business will be. But for now rest assured that Sage Business Cloud Accounting makes it quick and easy to meet your GDPR obligations.

What does the GDPR mean for my business?

In simple terms the GDPR means your clients, suppliers, and employees have more rights around the way your business stores their personal data, and businesses now have more responsibility around their processes for storing data and removing it should someone ask for their data to be removed – or invoking their ‘right to be forgotten’.

It’s an important change, and you can find a heap of information on the new legislation on our GDPR hub.

Haven’t started your GDPR preparations yet?

We’ve pulled out a few articles we recommend starting with to get a look at what the GDPR means for you and your business.

GDPR preparation: Top tips from businesses and what you need to do now

GDPR: What employers need to know

GDPR for small business: A quick-start guide

GDPR checklist: 12 important things your business needs to know

Sage Business Cloud Accounting updates

So there’s lots of information to absorb on the GDPR, but what specifically does it mean for you and Sage Business Cloud?

While being GDPR ready is all about having the right business processes in place, we’ve added some enhancements to our platform to help you with your GDPR obligations.

When you log into Accounting, you’ll see we’ve added the ability for you to anonymise personal data should you get a request to remove it. Don’t worry, this won’t affect the accuracy of your bookwork and numbers, it will just ensure personal details and references are removed

We’ve also added the ability for you to set your GDPR retention period. This means you can set the amount of time you need to keep your business records to help you stay on top of the data you’re holding and delete or anonymise it as and when is required.

Still want to know more?

If you’re looking for a deeper dive on GDPR, we’ve developed a series of GDPR webinars to help your business understand what you need to do to be GDPR ready, and pull your plan together. We recommend signing up today.

Sign up here

Terms and conditions

Finally, you’ll have seen Sage has updated its terms and conditions around GDPR this week.

If you missed the email communication, you can access the latest version here . There’s nothing specific for you to do – just be aware that our terms have been updated to reflect these new legislative changes.

We know change can be unsettling, but we’re always here to help. Check out the details on our GDPR hub, and keep an eye out for our communications as the new legislation takes hold.

Team Sage

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