Ongoing Inventory Improvements

1 year ago

Ongoing Inventory Improvements

Since we launched our new Inventory feature into Sage Business Cloud Accounting, we had some great feedback from our customers and have been hard at work implementing that feedback. So watch out for the New updates launched screen to learn more…..or simply read ahead to get a teaser.

Detailed Stock Report

Quickly view ‘Out of Stock’ or ‘Below reorder Level’ stock items

We’ve improved the Product & Services screen to quickly flag any Stock Items which are either ‘Out of Stock’ or ‘Below reorder level’. Clicking onto for example the 1 item that is out of stock will filter the Product & Services list and show the stock item that needs attention.

Stock Movements Report – Summary & Drilldown Detailed View

Under the Reports menu, you can now run a Stock Movements Report, enabling you to filter on a period such as current month, previous month, or on a custom date rage and stock category.

By clicking a specific stock item, you can drill down and get a detailed view of that stock item and the inflows and outflows. These reports can be printed or exported to a CSV or PDF file.

And so much more to come… This is just the start of our enhancements to Inventory, over the coming weeks and months we will be introducing Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Stock Valuation Reports, Converting Non Stock Items to Stock Items and so much more…

Check out our short video that will take you show you how easy Inventory is in our Sage Business Cloud Accounting solution.

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