New to Sage One Accounting … Discover Simple Inventory

1 year ago

Simple Inventory feature now available.
Whether you’re a hairdresser wanting to keep track of shampoos or hair cream, a corner shop buying and selling confectionery, fruit or alcohol……we’re really excited to announce the first phase of our Inventory release to Sage One Accounting.

Sage One Accounting will help you manage in-flows and outflows of your stock a breeze and it will be a real time saver for your business.

Import and Create Stock Items
Either import your stock items in bulk from a spreadsheet, or create stock items individually. You can choose to have up to 10 different sales prices, set the purchase cost price as well as setting the minimum stock levels and re-order quantities.

Sage One Accounting - Import and Create Stock Items

Automatically adjusting stock on Invoices
Whether you’re raising Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices or Credit Notes….Sage One Accounting will effortlessly adjust your stock levels. When your raising Sales Invoices and including stock items, at a glance you can check you have enough in stock or whether you’re going below your minimum stock levels.

Sage One Accounting - Automatically adjusting stock on Invoices

Keeping track of your stock activity
Your stock records give you instant access to the inflows and outflows, quantity in stock, sales and purchase of stock and so much more.

Sage One Accounting - Keeping track of your stock activity

Manage Stock Adjustments
If you’ve carried out a stock take and established you’ve either more in stock that you thought…..or some stock has become lost, damaged and stolen, then making stock adjustments is so quick and simple.

Sage One Accounting - Manage Stock Adjustments
And so much more to come…
This is just the start of our enhancements to Inventory, over the coming weeks and months we will be introducing Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Stock Valuation Reports, Converting Non Stock Items to Stock Items and so much more…

Check out our short video that will take you show you how easy Inventory is in our Sage One Accounting solution.