Survive MTD and drive efficency by using your mobile

2 years ago

So many businesses rely on the “Shoebox of receipts” to store income and expense records until they are passed to an Accountant or make time themselves to process them. But have you thought about how many problems this innocent looking shoe box will cause as Making Tax Digital (MTD) is introduced?

If all of your income and expense information consists of pieces of paper in a shoebox how will you get the right information to HMRC on time every quarter not just once a year as you do now?

  • Vital Data in a shoebox is no good for any business it can’t be submitted to HMRC from there. Pieces of paper in a shoebox = no data to make proper decisions in your business risks costly mistakes.
  • Speed of Now All businesses operate in real time, updating data once a quarter or once a year is too slow …so much can change in 3 months and in 12 months it can be fatal. Making Tax Digital will need you to make a submission every quarter.
  • Time is money What about the time you spend processing the paperwork taking you away from your business and your family, or the money you pay an accountant to process the paperwork for you cutting into your profit margins. If you rely on the shoebox for Making Tax Digital will this effort and cost quadruple?
  • The good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom! as you already have a solution right there in your hand…. you are probably using it to read this.

    A device over 32,000 times more powerful than the computer NASA used to put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon.

    So, if you have more computing power on your mobile device than mission control for Apollo 11 shouldn’t this device be mission control for your business?

    Get prepared now for MTD and get the added benefit of faster insight into your business.

    Sage Expenses is the fastest and most simple way to record and understand your business transactions and perfect for keeping digital records the first step to making MTD a breeze and it’s available today on iOS & Android.

    It’s so simple:

    1 Record Expenses – Record as you go. Tap Money out, enter the amount and description and take a photo of a receipt and job done. Seconds spent here save hours later.

    2 Raise Invoices – Raise and send the invoice as soon as the work is done. Tap invoice, add a customer, write a description, an amount and send. Invoice gone. The faster you invoice the faster you get paid.

    3 Chase invoices – Chasing invoice payment doesn’t have to be hard. When you have a spare 5 minutes simply connect your headphones and open Sage Expenses. Tap overdue, tap an invoice and check the details then call the customer. Have they lost the invoice? Not a problem re send it while they are still on the call. Invoice confirmed payment to follow.

    4 Business Overview – A clear and easy to understand picture of your MicroBiz performance every time you take out your phone. See money coming in, the money going out and where it’s coming from and going to. Making decisions so much easier on the go.

    Why not give it a try? And get used to digital record keeping that will make MTD so easy and reduce the stress and effort of running your business at the same time.

    Make the “shoe box” a relic of the past and use the power of your mobile device and simplicity of Sage Expenses & Invoices the fastest most simple way to record and understand your business expenses.

    It is simple to link your subscription, simply download the app and login using your Sage One details. So what are you waiting for? Become more efficient today, download now Sage Expenses and Invoices and link it to your Sage One Start and Accounting subscription today.