Run your business while on holiday

2 years ago

Many entrepreneurs see the arrival of the summer season with mixed feelings. While the prospect of a much-deserved break is something to look forward to, the idea of dropping everything and jetting off is simply impossible. Having said that, never before has the idea of a work life balance seem so relevant. After all, failing to take a break from the daily grind can have harmful effects on people, their families and businesses.

The key to a successful break is preparation. Technology can be a powerful ally. There are also countless applications that will help you to keep track of events back home.

Here are five tips for a successful summer holiday:

1 – Learn the importance of delegation.

To delegate tasks is to transfer responsibility and empowering people. It is important to make sure you approach the right people for the jobs that will need attention. Once your choice is made, it is now time to provide training. It is also important to allow enough time for the handover before going away.

2 – Don’t be afraid of technology.

Most people use mobile phones frequently and yet only use a fraction of their technological power. Smartphones are very powerful tools indeed. It all depends on the applications installed. Sage One offers breakthrough apps for businesses such as Sages Expenses & Invoices that are adapted to tablet and mobile phone. The objective is to increase efficiency and an improved workflow.

3 – The Cloud is here; why not enjoy its benefits?

Many people use the Cloud in their daily lives without even realizing it. All it takes is to use a social network or watch a video on Youtube. When this idea is applied to business the possibilities are endless. Sage One is a Cloud-based software that provides everything a small business owner needs. This means you can go away and still keep on top of what’s happening in the business.

4 – Prioritise.

It is important not to lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve. Holidays are about relaxing and recharging. It is therefore essential to only get involved in what really matters. Remember, swapping your office for a table and a laptop in the sun hardly classifies as an actual holiday.

5 – Automate.

Many repetitive tasks can be automated. Sage One can be set up to perform a number of administrative and accounting tasks that otherwise would have to be performed manually. Setting up alerts and reminders helps to increase efficiency and save time.

Now you can enjoy your break safe in the knowledge that you will still be in control. Download the Sage One app and see the benefits of a Cloud-based all-inclusive solution.