Sage inspires at Newcastle Startup Week 2017

2 years ago

When I was planning the format for Day 1 (‘Inspiration’ day) and Day 2 (‘Getting Started’ day) of my Newcastle Startup Week festival which took place last week, there was no question that Sage had to be involved.

The event was all about inspiring and helping more people to start and grow a business in Newcastle upon Tyne and the wider North East whilst celebrating our local business success stories of the past, present and future of which Sage is the biggest and best!

Not only was Sage founded and is still headquartered in Newcastle, it’s also the biggest business software company in the UK, the only tech company in the FTSE100, a hugely important employer in the North East, a wealth creator for tens of thousands of accountants and suppliers, and their products are essential to the creation and growth of millions of businesses all around the world!

In an age where almost every successful tech company we read about in the press seems to come from Silicon Valley or even London, it’s important we recognise and celebrate the value and importance of a company like Sage which in my opinion is the UK’s best business and one we should all be very proud of.

As such, I was delighted to have Sage onboard as one of our Headline Sponsors this year and to have both Alan Laing (MD of UK & Ireland and Executive VP Partners & Alliances, Sage) and Jonathan Dowden (Product Manager for Mobile Applications, Sage) speaking onstage for us on Day 1 and Day 2 respectively.


Day 1 (aka ‘Inspiration’ day) @ The Boiler Shop

Day 1 of Newcastle Startup Week was broken into 3 sessions and we began session 2 by playing the two promo videos below immediately before Alan came onstage to emphasise the importance of Sage which he could then follow by reiterating their commitment to the North East region and to startups and small businesses everywhere.

Facebook Live Video

(You can see more photos from this Day by Tynesight Photographic Services here)

Day 2 (aka ‘Getting Started’ day) @ Newcastle City Library

Day 2 was all about providing people with more inspiration, encouragement and practical advice on how to take those ideas in their head and do something practical with them by employing Lean Startup Principles to reduce time, money and effort to start their business or project.

To do this, Jonathan gave a fantastic overview on the topic and bags of great tips in his ‘Start your business in a weekend’ presentation which you can see below:

Facebook Live Video

(You can see more photos from this Day on our Facebook Page here).

Ongoing support

I’m delighted to say that our first Newcastle Startup Week festival was a huge success with over 600 tickets gone across the 5 days (my target was 500)! The hugely positive feedback we’ve received from delegates, speakers, sponsors and partners in person, on social media and via messages of support since has been incredible so we will definitely be back with another one in May 2018.

In the meantime, we’re going to keep the conversations going with everyone involved because one of the biggest successes of Newcastle Startup Week was what a great job we’d done in bringing the whole business community together which is something we hoped to do from the outset.

Sage has been a fantastic partner for me, not only with Newcastle Startup Week but because I have been a proud and happy user of their Sage One Accounting software since launching my business in April last year and has been an essential tool for managing my budget and cashflow for the event.

I’d highly recommend anyone starting up in business to use Sage One to manage their accounts and/or payroll and take advantage of the special extended 2 month free trial by clicking on the links below:

Sage One Start (basic bookkeeping)
Free 2 month trial

Sage One Accounting (simple yet powerful accounting software)
Free 2 month trial

Sage One Payroll (for up to 5 employees)
Free 2 month trial

Until next time!

Paul Lancaster
(aka @lordlancaster)
Founder & Event Producer
Newcastle Startup Week

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