More and more British SMEs automate their software

2 years ago
Flashnode SME solution

We write 2017, the time of SaaS software. According to Eurostat, over 35% of UK enterprises use cloud computing. This is 14% more than the European average. As the internet is a necessary part of everyday business life, the line between a website and a software app becomes blurry.

It was never easier for companies to find the software that fits their needs and purchase them online from all over the world. Businesses use more digital services than ever before – for all sorts of purposes.

Whereas this gives great opportunities for the companies, it also creates a problem, a big problem. Using much software means spending many hours on repetitive tasks. All systems depend on specific data to operate properly. Sage One needs order data, eCommerce needs inventory data, invoicing needs payment data and the list goes on. All this data needs to be kept up to date which inherents manual typing. Hence, more and more SMEs with cloud solutions integrate their software. For this purpose there is Flashnode, connecting the application without opening fees.

Originally founded in Finland, Flashnode is available across whole Europe offering flexible automations for the most common business software complementing Sage One.

Anette Gustafsson from FinnFlame (a long time Flashnode user) says:
“We wanted to start with a “light integration” that could be easily expanded if needed. Flashnode fits perfectly for us as it provides simple connections that can be easily set up when needed.”

Since then the connections have improved significantly. More systems can now be integrated faster and cheaper than ever before. One thing remained the same ever since – the service. The Flashnode team takes care of the setup and makes sure that everything is working. No struggle with technology.

The automations are suitable for Sage One users of all industries and sectors. Companies selling clothing, car parts, tuning gear, fitness utilities, industrial materials, pipes and more currently use Flashnode all across Britain and Ireland.

One of the most recently joined customers is Pascal Binckenstein from Waayv Ecom Ltd. To put his enterprise on a stable foundation, he combined “a beautiful accounting powerhouse” with an “amazing solution for opening an online store.” Namely, he chose Sage One and Shopify to operate his webshop business. Nonetheless, Pascal faced a problem. There was no connection between Shopify and Sage One. He ended up typing the data from all his Shopify orders into Sage One. With all the manual work, the entrepreneur had not enough time to develop his business. So he contacted Flashnode and was surprised by the quick help.

“Flashnode solved the problems fast, efficient and professional. With the time we saved, can we be there for customers, searching for new products and a lot more.” – Pascal Binckenstein, Waayv Ecom

Entrepreneurs like him are not rare. On average, users spent 3 hours per day handling their data manually. Now they have almost twice the time in their calendars. Pascal is going to put more effort into his visual marketing. What will you do?

Check for more information and all supported systems, send Flashnode a mail to or have a friendly, non-obligating, call: +358 20 7146 667 or +49 163 716 7767.

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