Cloud advice after Sage Summit

2 years ago

NARR – The Cloud and the latest developments in security were one of the highlights of Sage Summit 2017 that took place in London in April. As more and more businesses feel confident about storing data remotely or require whole systems or apps for fast accessibility and increased efficiency, the issue of access and security remains at the top of everyone’s agenda. Entrepreneurs like Jeremy Corner feel that the trend is definitely in favour of the Cloud and security is definitely improving.

Jeremy Corner – Blue-eyed Sun

CLIP 1 – “I’ve made a partial jump to the Cloud, I’m not fully on the Cloud with Sage yet. I’ve been a bit nervous about that in early years but now I’m ready to do that. I’m at Sage Summit to check out the software, to see where we are in terms of being able to transition our company more into the Cloud. We do use the Cloud for more of our design-based stuff so we use Dropbox and tools like that. I think that there are certain elements that I love about the Cloud and some that I don’t”.
NARR – For others, the Cloud represents freedom from the desk. Entrepreneur Donna Elgram recognises the importance of accessibility.

CLIP 2 – “My most pressing need is to be able to access my business data from anywhere in the world, wherever I am, whatever I’m doing. I thought that a Cloud-based system would suit me better.”
NARR – Accessibility is definitely key. Finally, Graham Hossue from Start-Up Van, sums it all nicely. In his view, the Cloud is everywhere and people use it daily.

Graham Hossue – The Start-Up Van

“People are loosing this fear they have of the Cloud. I think that if you do Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, you cannot go on your smartphone and not access something that is coming from the Cloud? So, people’s fear is actually moving away from this fear, what’s this Cloud? I want to see where my files are, physically where they are. People are moving away from that fear which is only a good thing. It’s more cost effective”.

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