The Power Of Motivated Employees

2 years ago
Keeping employees happy

Are you motivated at work?

Motivation can really push productivity levels either way, depending on how highly motivated you and your colleagues are. If there’s a real lack of motivation within a team this can be detrimental to your work and well-being.

Low levels of motivation can spread like a winter cold across individuals and wider teams. This can then manifest as heightened stress levels and ultimately your work is going to suffer as might your personal life.

If you and your team are highly motivated and passionate about what you do, this will shine through in your work and, well, in everything you do!

What do you do to get and stay motivated?

Here at Sage One we’re not just driven by the success of what we have already delivered but also by the potential to improve and do more!

We regularly have team nights out and days off-site to be creative and to just take time to relax as a team.

We often have office parties and celebrations like this week’s office Halloween party. The whole team came along in fancy dress and we all contributed to a team buffet. With various games and competitions throughout the day it’s a really good opportunity to have fun together.

This helps create close bonds and builds trust and friendship.

It enables us as individuals to learn more about each other not just on a personal level but in a way that transpires into working relationships.

Which all feeds into making us a more harmonious and productive team!

Different people and teams are motivated in different ways, so what motivates you and your team and how do you stay motivated?

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