What To Consider When Choosing New Business Software

2 years ago

Growing your business requires a huge amount of hours of planning and developing. It requires focusing on marketing, sales, invoicing, producing and all the other processes your business is about. And before you’re done you need to have the right software tools – there are many things to think about.

At Flashnode we have extensive experience with taking new apps on board and making them talk with each other. Here are some tips on what to consider when choosing new software.

1. Why are you taking new software? – Make a list

It’s commonly said that you shouldn’t buy anything that you don’t need. And that plays a huge role when looking for new tools. If you are not sure which are the problems you want to solve with a help of new software, there is a chance that you are actually making things even harder than they were before. Our suggestion is to write a list about the features and requirements you are looking for. But it is still worth to remember and be aware that in the most cases there is no perfect solution to fill all your needs.

2. What is changing?

Who will be using the software and what impact will it have on your team? New tools are not always helpful. Or even when a tool might help you, it might make life harder for some one else!

So you have to consider the overall effect. A good way to proceed is to think about the underlying processes which should be simplified or changed. What are these processes, who are working with them, how things are done now? Then think about the new tool and if it really helps you to achieve your goals.

3. Key metrics

When you want to grow you need metrics to find out if your actions are leading you to success. Think about the key metrics you should be able to follow. It is rarely needed to follow everything, so find out the KPIs for your business and focus on them. Then think again how easily the new software can provide help with reaching your specific KPIs.

4. Integrations

Make sure you can connect all your software and automate the data flows between the systems where possible. This will save you enormous amount of time (and nerves!)

At Flashnode we’re helping businesses to success by eliminating all the unnecessary manual work. We are freeing up time and resources so that our customers are able to handle all the challenges that may slow them down. By automating manual work our customer with an accounting system and webshop can get 20 additional working hours per month to use better. Learn more & get started with your first Flashnode automation

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