The Advantages Of Mobile Working

2 years ago
Mobile Working

The advent of mobile technology opened up the field towards a more flexible approach to work. As mobile phones, laptops and tablets become more sophisticated and network technologies keep us all connected the idea that work only happens in an office has come under serious strain. While it would be premature to announce the end of the office, mobile or remote working has become a part of everyday life. For entrepreneurs, mobile working means having their businesses on their fingertips, literally. While some may argue that mobile working blurs the line between work and non-work, it’s also true that for many entrepreneurs it means better time management and increased efficiency.

Flexible approach

Like in so many jobs, increased competition can lead to improvements in performance and the tools of mobile working play a big part in this. For all those entrepreneurs that spend hours on the road, mobile working represents a clear advantage. Knowing that the company network is only a few clicks away makes everything easier and, therefore, more efficient. Some indeed see it as liberating rather than the opposite.

Free your apps

Ever since the first apps made their debut on the iPhone that these iconic bits of software have become part of our lives. Can you imagine a world without them? Apps like Sage One Expenses and Invoices make a real difference to anyone running a business. Business expenses and invoicing can be sorted out easily from a mobile phone. It’s definitely much better than accumulating receipts that more often than not disappear without a trace. If interested, download here this free application and participate in our Sage Tank initiative. We want to hear your business ideas and help taking them to the next level. And did we mention there are prizes to be won? For terms and conditions and a list of prizes, press here.


Like it or not mobile working is here to stay. No doubt there are some challenges that need tackling but we feel that overall the pros outweigh the cons. Employers need to be aware that mobile working may cause a sense of isolation amongst all those that work remotely. It is therefore important to adopt an effective communication strategy. On the other hand, it works out cheaper for everyone (think of your daily commute for instance). And the dress code is a lot more relaxed!

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