The Cloud, How Secure Is It?

2 years ago
how secure is the cloud

As more and more businesses migrate their data to the Cloud, an important question must be addressed: how secure is the cloud? When cloud technology was new, the mechanisms in place to protect data were quite basic, and people were rightfully concerned. However, today these concerns have been addressed and the Cloud has become an exceptionally secure, attractive proposition for companies.

Shared responsibility

Speaking of security, let’s face it, no system will ever be able to guarantee 100% security. However, there are simple steps that companies and cloud providers can take to minimise risk. For example, it falls within the remit of the cloud provider to constantly control access and monitor the infrastructure in order to detect vulnerabilities; just as much as on the client side, it’s his/her responsibility to implement passwords (multifactor authentication, for example) and encryption that discourages any potential attackers. Encryption, in particular, end-to-end encryption has been widely adopted by companies accessing their data on the Cloud.  Together, these basic measures make the cloud extremely secure. (For more on cloud security, see this blog piece here).


The Cloud represents a considerable opportunity for SMEs. No longer burdened by the costs of maintaining its own physical and digital infrastructures, SMEs can now access data and services for a fraction of the price. The benefits are enormous for, say, start-ups to transfer the responsibility of managing their own data to a third party. Many realise the advantages and have already contracted out the storage and management of their data, and they’re reaping the benefits.


Let’s use an example. Sage launched an app, Sage Expenses and Invoices, during the Business Start-up Show held in London during the 17th and 18th of November. This app is aimed at sole traders, entrepreneurs, and owners of small to medium businesses that wish to simplify routine tasks (such as collecting receipts and sending invoices).

The app illustrates perfectly the advantages associated to the Cloud. It integrates seamlessly with Sage One Start, providing an entry point for anyone serious about growing a business. The advantage is clear: increased efficiency, better time management, and the greatest advantage of all, instant insights about the business, all in the palm of your hand from a simple application on an iPhone.

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Smartphones, mobile applications and the need for automation have created a business environment that is geared towards efficiency and better time management. How are apps changing the way people work together? And what challenges lie ahead? Soon to be discussed in our blog.