Remember The Dinosaurs? The Cloud Part 2

2 years ago
cloud computing

What can Charles Darwin and his evolution theory teach us about the Cloud? Let’s remind ourselves of what happened to the dinosaurs. These powerful creatures once roamed the planet for over 175 million years. However, changes in the environment all combined to fundamentally alter the environment, and the result was steady decline and extinction.

As Darwin noted, it’s not the strongest or biggest species that survive but those who can best adapt to change.

A leap forward

In the business world, change is constant. Darwin’s teachings offer us a useful framework to understand the Cloud and its effects on business. The democratisation of data and the widespread availability of cloud computing has enabled businesses of all sizes to tap into a rich selection of high-quality, inexpensive, always-on business applications.

This technological leap forward is a game changer. Like the dinosaurs of our past, businesses are likely to face issues, extinction even, if they fail to adapt to change.

A new environment

If all this sounds a little far-fetched, perhaps one place to start exploring is at the Great British Show 2016 taking place in London on November the 17th and 18th. Sage will be present amongst hundreds of other exhibitors and entrepreneurs.

This is the ideal environment to learn about what the Cloud can do for business. Initially, the cloud was used for remote storage but now the Cloud offers business a wide range of applications. “Modular” software allows increased adaptability to particular needs. This will no doubt be one of the highlights of this business event.

A new application

Sage is promoting Sage Expenses at the Business Show. This mobile application was designed to deal with one of the most tedious tasks faced by any entrepreneur: recording and reporting expenses.

This application sums up a great deal about the benefits of the Cloud. It’s about convenience; it’s about using time more efficiently and improving the workflow of what can otherwise be a time-consuming task. The application sits on any platform and integrates with Sage One. For many entrepreneurs, Sage Expenses means an end to the inefficiencies of accumulating and losing receipts. And that’s just the start.

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