Tips and Tricks of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

2 years ago
successful email marketing

Although the number of ways we can communicate to each other online has increased dramatically since the advent of email, this simple tool remains a powerful part of any marketing campaign. Our inbox remains a place of relative solitude from the noise generated by social media. So, how can we make the most from this classic communication tool? For many, email marketing still carries the stigma of spamming and unsolicited emails, so there are important steps to emphasise (and avoid) on this journey; here are a few tips on how to make a great email marketing campaign:

Get permission

In order to maximise reach the first step is to obtain permission from your contacts. This means that when approaching clients, it is important to be clear about the benefits of joining your list. An idea would be to offer an advantage such as a discount or priority access to products.

Get whitelisted

The next step is to make sure that your emails will reach the recipients and not end up in their spam or junk folders. The best way to achieve this is to be marked as a friend. This means being added to the recipient’s address book. The initial email should contain brief, simple instructions on how to do this. On a related note:

The all-important subject line

Regardless of how great your messages are, your subscribers won’t see them if the description on the subject line triggers spam filters. Most email services offer a testing tool that will let you submit and review the quality of your subject line. Remember to keep it relevant and interesting while avoiding spam trigger words.

Dry run

Once you have all these features in place it is important to test your campaign, rather than just launching it out there to everyone straight away. Choose between 30 to 50 contacts and “dry run” (a test) for a couple of weeks. Then look at the metrics to get a sense of what’s working most. Be open to receiving feedback, as this will help to fine tune your message.

Ready to launch

Once you’re happy with the campaign proceed to launch. However, it is worth investing some time in choosing the best email marketing service. There are many providers out there and they don’t all offer the same features. At this point it worth remembering that assessing how successful your campaign is depends on obtaining reliable metrics. One such measure is the CTO rate (“click to open rate”). This measure provides a good indication of how effective your message is.

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