Advantages of Cloud Computing

2 years ago
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Since its inception cloud computing has come a long way. Some may argue that security remains an issue but this argument is valid for both physical servers and cloud technology. Companies that run their own systems are just as prone to hacking as cloud services. Having said that, it is undeniable that providers of infrastructure, platforms or software have revolutionized the way businesses use IT all over the world. So, how can small businesses benefit from cloud computing? Here are four reasons to take to the cloud:

Minimal expense

For start-up businesses, cloud computing can make all the difference. Anyone with an idea can now set up a business and get it up running on a digital platform without having to invest in a dedicated IT infrastructure. The upfront investment is minimal. Even for a medium sized company the move towards the cloud can be beneficial. The variety of services on offer can result in efficiency savings as well as cost optimisation taking away the time and expense associated to maintaining a dedicated IT infrastructure.

Cost efficiency

The main difference between cloud-based and traditional software is that by accessing the cloud, your desktop, laptop, or mobile device isn’t doing the actual computing. The computing takes place in a large data centre outside your organisation. This means the company doesn’t have to invest in an expensive IT infrastructure from the start. Most cloud computing services are accessed through a web browser or via a dedicated mobile app therefore, cloud services don’t require users to have their own computers running their own software. In addition to this, licensing traditional software for multiple users can be expensive. The cloud, on the other hand, is available at much cheaper rates and hence, can significantly lower the company’s IT expenses.

Practically unlimited storage

Storing information in the cloud gives you almost unlimited storage capacity. There is no more need to worry about running out of storage space or increasing your current storage space availability. This also means that those all important tasks, backup and recovery, are now easier and simpler to perform as they’re now in the hands of dedicated specialists. This not makes the entire process more flexible but also simpler and cheaper than traditional methods of data storage.

Work from anywhere

When employees can access, edit and share information and documents at anytime and from anywhere, productivity increases and the benefits are obvious. A cloud-based workflow can make all the difference to employees who require a more flexible approach to work or, indeed, a better work – life balance.

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