Take Control of Your Retail or Hospitality Business

3 years ago
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Epos Now is the leading cloud-POS platform. With over 20,000 worldwide customers they help retail and hospitality businesses to take control of their profits, improve margins and cut out shrinkage. The integration with Sage One helps users to get faster and more efficient bookkeeping

Integrate Your POS with Sage One

Epos Now connects with Sage One seamlessly via the cloud. Sales, products, stock, customers and suppliers all sync in real-time.

Real-Time Reconciliation

Epos Now Sales, Products, Stock, Customers & Suppliers are automatically synchronised to Sage One in real-time.

Reduce Human-Error

Epos Now & Sage One’s seamless integration removes human-error, and cuts down on admin time.

Fully on the Cloud

Both Sage One and Epos Now run on the cloud, so you can always access your business-critical data – no matter where you are.

Link Epos Now and Sage One within minutes

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For more information visit the Sage One Addons page.