New Service Sales Invoice Templates

3 years ago
Sage One Invoicing

Following feedback from our customers, Sage has added a number of new features to improve the user experience. Customers will be able to see the updates here.

Great news if you’re a service-based business: we’ve added two new invoice templates for you to use (sales-based), making it easier and faster to issue accurate invoices. Like the product-based invoice templates, you can add your company logo and any trade association logos, as well as define your invoice terms and conditions.

We’ve also improved the workflow of creating invoices by creating a pop up, so that upon saving the invoice you can quickly print, email, add another invoice, or produce a credit note or a delivery note.

The main difference between the service-based and product-based invoices is that the quantity has been removed from the amount making invoices more accurate. [Please clarify this]
If you’ve been creating a range of invoices and credit notes, you can now also print up to 15 invoices and/or credit notes in one batch. This makes it easier for people who need to print large volumes of invoices.

Watch the video: