Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

3 years ago
using social media for business

It might seem like a no-brainer but social media can really help to grow your business. The relevance of social media extends beyond advertising your product or service to include acquiring in-depth knowledge of your audience or target.

Before embarking on this journey, ask yourself this question first: How will you use social media to learn, gain knowledge, and engage with your audience? In this article we offer a few starting points to taking full advantage of existing social media tools. This knowledge will help you to focus and grow your business.

Separate business and personal profiles, but don’t be afraid to tell your story

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, it may be wise to separate your personal and business social media profiles. However, this does not mean you need to leave out your personal story from your business profile. People want to know who you are, what you believe in, and what you represent. You don’t just sell a product or service; you sell a story about who you are.

Building trust, awareness and authority requires a strategic approach

Before setting up a marketing campaign based on social media, consider your business goals. What do you want to achieve? Think of it as wandering through a forest – you need a map otherwise you’ll only end up lost. A social media strategy has to incorporate tools and methodologies that enable you to research an audience and provide it with trusted, timely, useful content that they care about. The power of social media is in building awareness, trust, and authority, which influences future purchase decision.

Know your audience

Before converting clicks into sales it is essential to do some groundwork and build some brand awareness. For that you need to listen to your audience. In any business or industry, success depends on how well you know your audience. What content is relevant for them, and what is uninteresting and skippable? This is one of the strengths of social media, because with analytics you can see what’s resonating and what isn’t. Once you engage with your audience and get feedback, you start to find out what makes it tick.

You’ll become aware of important factors such as gender, age and types of language used, and what types of content are most interesting to your audience. This in turn will help you to build campaigns specifically targeted at your potential customers. One of the most powerful advantages of social media is that you can refine your audience to a degree that traditional campaigns just cannot achieve. All for a fraction of the cost.

Listen to all feedback

Social media is a two-way street; you can obtain instant feedback from your potential customers. Sharing something is likely to provoke a reaction and this, in turn, is something you can use to improve the product or service you are offering. Never underestimate the power of feedback to provide you with interesting, often surprising, insights.

Share content now

In the past, marketers faced the challenge of making sure their content reached customers in the shortest space of time. Social media has changed all this. Never before has sharing something with thousands or millions of people been so easy. Having said that, getting your customers to share your content with their followers means you need to make sure your social media content is aligned to your brand and interests your audience. A question to ask yourself is: If you were a potential customer, would you want this content shared on your wall or newsfeed?

Reduce marketing costs

While it requires momentum, creating growth on social media for follows, shares, and clicks will ultimately drive down costs while increase demand. There are incredible stories of companies going from broke to expansion after building a unique social media presence. The required strategy however, can be counter to many corporate cultures, who don’t understand the powerful impact of social media on creating your brand’s identity and conveying its values. Many companies simply fail to grasp the potential of social media and don’t put the strategic actions in place to take advantage of it. But you know better.

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