Are you ready? Sage One celebrates the glory of sports! Let’s play!

3 years ago
Sage One Rio

As far as sports events are concerned, it’s difficult to beat the Olympics. This year, it’s Brazil’s turn to hosts this major event. The action kicks off this Friday in Rio de Janeiro.

From a business perspective, the Olympics represent a major opportunity for the host country to showcase its assets and for the rest of the world to contribute by selling goods and services relevant to this event. Sponsors also get a rare chance to showcase their products or brands to a global audience.

The Brazil Olympics 2016 generates a multitude of opportunities for growing revenue, whether:

  • A business directly involved with the event, such as ticket management
  • A business indirectly involved such as memorabilia or hotels
  • A property investment located where the venues and games will be held
  • There is an opportunity for almost every type of entrepreneur and investor to make a healthy return from the Brazil Olympics 2016.

Let the celebrations begin!