5 Reasons Collaborative Working Is Important For Small Businesses

3 years ago
Collaborative Working

For any small and medium business growth is a priority. Being aware of opportunities for growth is important and sometimes taking advantage of these requires trying a different approach. Take collaborative working for instance. Sharing ideas and dividing up tasks according to each person’s unique skills often leads to the emergence of innovative practices and a quicker accomplishment of tasks. Here are five reasons why a collaborative approach is critically important:

Better Division of Tasks

One of the main advantages of collaborative efforts in the workplace is the improved method of organising workflows. This is particularly important when dealing with large projects, which can quickly become overwhelming if a proper collaborative structure isn’t in place. Sharing the burden means dividing tasks and making sure that the work actually gets done, because people hold each other accountable and tend to collectively come up with better insights than any one person alone could. Loading one or two people with the bulk of the task can be counter-productive.


The benefits of optimising collaboration holds the potential to transform the entire structure of the organisation – often in ways that are unexpected. Working together in close proximity (whether digitally or physically), fosters new ideas and deeper understanding of how all the pieces fit together. This creates an enhanced ability to coordinate quickly on current and future projects.

Employee alignment

Sharing ideas in a positive and diverse environment improves the quality of feedback. This helps to avoid misunderstandings while improving self-awareness amongst employees. Employees who know their strengths and weaknesses (of themselves and their teammates) are much better at asking for help, and offering it, when needed. Collaboration helps to build trust while teaching employees to rely on each other.

Fresh thinking

Collaboration holds the potential of innovation. The new ideas from connecting different perspectives and options can challenge everyone to consider different directions that would not have been considered if everyone worked separately. This is what drives companies to great heights of success.

Encourage innovation

As we’ve tried to show in this article, to create a culture that encourages innovative thinking it’s crucial to encourage collaboration. A company that develops the latest ideas is not afraid to allow people to experiment, even if that experiment does not succeed – that’s the nature of experimentation: not all approaches will succeed, and employees should be made comfortable with trying new ideas that may fail. To discover the approaches that are successful you have to go through this process of strategically exploring ideas in an environment that supports it.