Lightening the Load: How Sage One can make life easier for your accountant

3 years ago

Any business needs an accountant; it’s just a fact of life. Good accountants are like gold dust; they help negotiate the minefield of tax legislation as well as offering advice on running your business more efficiently. Then there’s the number crunching, which is arguably the most time-consuming task, and time is money, as we know. The question is, can we do anything to make these processes more efficient? After all, rather than spending time number crunching, wouldn’t it be better to get your accountant to invest this time in advising ways to make the company more tax-efficient?

Advantages of online accounting

Saving time is the first major advantage. Online accounting turns time-consuming tasks into automatic processes. What once were time-consuming processes can now be completed easily with only a few clicks.


Cloud-based services are convenient, fast and responsive. They are available 24/7 on any platform. It’s for people on the go. It’s also about maximizing your accountants’ time for what really matters: advice. The system will take care of the rest.


Let’s take a quarterly task like VAT as an example. Many small and medium businesses need to make the best possible use of their human resources and that includes the accountant. Online accounting has a role to play in this. By integrating invoicing and VAT calculation, the process becomes much leaner and more efficient.

The system is also constantly updated to reflect the latest changes in legislation.
The same applies to payroll. For many Small and Medium Business, payroll represents a drag on time and resources.

By performing these tasks from within the safety on an integrated system the final figures can easily be submitted to your accountant for a final review, therefore saving time all round.

A bird’s eye view

Our cloud-based services allow for maximum availability on any platform. This way you can check performance from any device and anywhere in the world provided you have an Internet connection. This will speed up the decision process and that can only be beneficial.

We’ll guide you through set-up so that you’ll be up and running in no time. This way you not only free up your accountants’ time, you will also use him or her for what is really important: advice. It’s a win-win!

Try Sage One and see it for yourself.