The Importance of Downtime

3 years ago

For many of us the weekends are about relaxing and taking a much-needed break from work life. But many of us are plagued with the gnawing feeling that if we’re not working we’re wasting valuable time.

But as it turns out, Sundays are an extremely valuable time for recharging the mind and taking stock of the challenges ahead. Here are some of the most effective ways of taking advantage of Sundays:

Pursue a hobby or passion

Be it exercising or restoring an old car, pursuing a passion clears the mind while providing inspiration for new ideas. The most creative ideas come unexpectedly when the mind is engaged in something else. Psychologists are still trying to figure this one out but we know that it works: taking your mind away from the usual concerns that occupy you during the week creates fertile conditions for problem solving and creativity.

Clear your desk

We all know how chaotic our desks can get over the course of one week. Sunday mornings offer an excellent opportunity to clear things and prepare for the week ahead.


Sunday mornings are ideal for deliberately slowing down the hectic pace of the week so you can take stock of progress made and challenges ahead. This gives you greater clarity and perspective.

Take a break from your phone

Maybe this is the hardest thing to do but give it a try: A few hours away from the phone to take a stroll or just relax is a fantastic way to clear the mind and prevent burnout. It’s hard to pull away from the phone but it’s worth it.

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