Its never been easier to develop with Sage One

3 years ago

Hundreds of developers have already integrated their add-on solutions with Sage One, allowing our customers to benefit from specialised and bespoke software to fit their needs, adding to their Sage One experience.
Are you looking to create a Sage One app? Are you an accountant looking to extend the services you offer your client? Integrating with the Sage One API opens up a world of possibilities. Best of all, the Sage One Open API is free to access and develop with.
Is your app ready to meet a thriving audience? With a large user base, Sage One provides the perfect platform for integration. We provide the tools to allow you to enhance the experience of users worldwide, with support and documentation available for developers, you will be up and running in no time.
And now it has never been easier to develop with the Sage One API. We are pleased to share the release of four new sample projects, designed to help you get started with Sage One development. Covering multiple languages, these projects contain everything you will need to know to authorise applications and integrate with Sage One.
Test drive these samples to see the API in action, with small, easy to understand modules, the samples offer a great starting point for getting your application shown on the big stage. There has never been a better time to integrate with Sage One.
Once you are underway with your development, you can contact our partner team at to arrange a demo of your integration and share your plans for the service. Our partner team can provide you with valuable pointers and feedback on the needs of the Sage One customer base.
You can find the new Sage One API examples here:
To get started with Sage One development, and register your applications, visit the developer pages here:
To receive free email support when using the UK and Irish API you must first register with our developer services team here:
This article was written by Peter Brown, API Test Technician for the Sage One Global team.