TrustMark – Signposting customers to the best tradespeople

3 years ago

Within our ever growing base of Sage One customers there are a lot that are involved in the trades, for example, plumbers and electricians. So we thought it would be interesting to get the views of Simon Ayers, the chief executive of Trustmark.

Firstly, Simon highlighted how Trustmark can help tradespeople get over the persistent problem of incompetent and rogue traders harming the reputation of an entire industry where the good, hardworking majority are unfairly tarred with the same brush as the cowboys.

TrustMark was launched January 2006 as the Government backed quality scheme that signposts people to reputable local firms and expert tradespeople working to Government-endorsed standards.

He emphasised that already this year around seven million firms details have been given to the public as a result of searches on TrustMark’s website and calls to its 24/7 telephone helpline – an increase of 59% on the same period just two years ago.

The public is increasingly using its database of over 13,000 firms as their main source of information in finding fully inspected and insured local tradespeople from 39 different trades.

TrustMark is the only Government-endorsed ‘find a tradesman’ scheme for all trades in and around the home. It provides the best tradespeople with the opportunity to thrive through reputational benefits, increased business opportunities and quality referrals from the TrustMark website and other signposting channels. It’s amazing how many firms and their tradespeople are doing great jobs but missing out on an opportunity to gain an edge – and ultimately increase their sales.

TrustMark is a scheme that checks all three cornerstones of quality – trading practices, customer care and technical competence. Every firm’s technical skills are independently checked by a Scheme Operator through on-site inspections, as well as background checks on its trading records and financial status. Qualified inspectors undertake these visits, meaning that technical competence, as well as proper business practices and customer satisfaction are properly monitored.

Simon fundamentally believes that on-site inspected tradespeople by qualified inspectors are a better bet for consumer protection than just simply rated tradespeople. “We are rapidly building a network of organisations (including Citizens Advice, Age UK and the Homeowners Alliance and many local authorities) and together we are signposting people to the reputable firms and leaving the cowboys behind”.

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Interested in finding out more about TrustMark? Visit TrustMark’s website