Music, flexibility and food – workers desire the simple things in life

3 years ago

With businesses offering a range of benefits to their workers from state-of-the-art paintings to flexible hours, what makes your workforce stay and remain content in their career?

Music’s the medicine of the mind

At Sage One we recently researched the best benefits for workplace happiness and found that music topped the leader board, with 43 per cent of workers giving office tunes a big thumbs up. However, almost 90 per cent of workers don’t appreciate pictures, plants and other decorations. So before you start looking at fancy art pieces, a Spotify subscription is likely to bring more smiles into the office than a Damien Hirst.

The way to a worker’s heart is through their stomach!

With bake-off season in full swing (there seems to be an enthusiastic #TeamNadiya forming ahead of tonight’s final at Sage HQ!), the way to your employees’ hearts and heads seems to be through their belly with over a quarter (27%) of employees praising the availability of tasty treats in the office. Why not capitalise on the baking trend and encourage your team to get involved in their very own bake off? Not only will it keep people full and energised but it will encourage a different outlet for exercising creativity and provide some healthy office rivalry too!

The importance of being mobile

As a business owner, you should focus on important morale-boosting tactics and spend less time and money on the ‘added extras’ that go unnoticed. With over 40 per cent of workers in favour of flexible hours, embracing mobile working and providing the technology that encourages and allows for this, is equally key.

Mobile working allows you and your employees to work across a variety of devices from various locations. It means people can treat anywhere as their office and aren’t restricted by the confines of a traditional working environment or routine. If you’re a working mother, like Susanna Scott, founder of BritMums, flexibility helps you to work outside of the traditional 9-5 day. That could be before the school run or after the kids have been put to bed. Having access to emails while on the go is a valuable use of time and most people couldn’t do their job without it.

The rise of mobile working, widespread Wi-Fi coverage across the UK, multiple devices and the latest generation of software provides your employees with the tools to work from wherever they are. Encouraging your team to work from different locations can also be really positive for creativity! Huge numbers of people now have the basic tools they need to work from anywhere, at any time. As long as work is being done, why not let some of the team work from a park on a sunny day? The ideas they bring to the table at the next brainstorm could be beneficial as a result.

The workplace should be enjoyable and inspiring to keep employees coming back with enthusiasm week in, week out. Get the basic office benefits in place first, that’s what makes workers happy, and from there you can begin to implement additional perks. If you start thinking outside of the box, your employees will too!