{Lead Dev}: A new conference for technical leads

3 years ago

This post is a guest post from Paul Regnart, Sage One Development Team Leader.

Some of the Sage One Development team recently attended ‘The Lead Developer’, a new conference in London for technical leads. It featured practical advice from industry experts on leading and motivating teams, and high level sessions on new and disruptive technologies.

One of the highlights was Russ Miles talk on Micro-services. Micro-services offer a software architectural style that is flexible enough to become the de-facto approach for future enterprise software systems, but the individual journeys, and pitfalls vary dramatically from context to context.

In this very entertaining presentation, Russ gave us some great advice whilst he played his electric guitar, and ended by proposing to his now financee onstage!

Oren Ellenbogen provided some great tips on building happier engineering teams, which is key to us as Sage One. We have a keen focus on ensuring our development teams are always learning and get time to innovate.

Dan North took us through how the modern lead developer needs to be constantly reinventing themselves, learning, and helping others to do the same. In the session, he explored some of the skills and characteristics of the modern lead developer, and suggested ways we could grow them for ourselves.

Other presentations covered how to stay ahead of the curve with technology, Practical Web Security, Adaptive web testing, how to build and lead tech teams, and lighting talks on the fast emerging web technologies Angular, Rust and Go.

This was a enlightening conference, and we would recommend attending next year.