How using @Datamolino with #SageOne is helping one accountant save clients time and money

3 years ago

We caught up with Andrew Wilson at A Wilson Accounting to see how using cloud products Sage One and Datamolino is helping him to drive down costs for his clients and enable his practice to bring a ‘personal approach to modern accounting’

We opened the conversation by asking how Sage One had changed the way Andrew worked with his clients

(AW) Using Sage One has enabled me to work in a much more proactive way with clients. Having anytime-access to clients’ most up to date information is a powerful tool. It allows me to assist clients quicker, easier, and earlier than would otherwise be the case with traditional desktop software. It also means that client questions and queries can be answered immediately by logging into their system and providing a quick response.

If clients can’t get hold of me they also have access to the excellent round-the-clock telephone support.

The overall effect is that clients are more inclined to ask questions and to discuss matters around their figures, which leads on easily to deeper discussions about the overall direction and management of their business.

Andrew mentioned that the use of cloud software allowed him to become a ‘direct business advisor and consultant’ with his clients

(AW) The software enables me to play a direct role in the weekly and monthly management of their business in a way which is much more tangible and visible for the client.

Rather than irregular meetings around historic data, I am now a real-time presence within my client’s business and as such I am viewed more as a key member of their immediate support team.

Andrew and his practice have embraced the usefulness and power of 3rd party integration with Sage One and he outlined the benefits he’s seen using @Datamolino for his clients

(AW) We use Datamolino’s invoice import service together with Sage One accounting. The system is incredibly efficient and has enhanced our business in a number of ways.

Firstly there is the obvious cost saving for clients on cutting out data entry time. For one client last month we calculate that we saved 6 hours of data input by automatically importing 200 separate invoices into sage One.

Secondly there are the benefits of virtual document storage which has meant that we no longer need to print out invoices and then store the hard copies in paper-based files. This allows for additional time and cost savings.

Thirdly there is the benefit from knowing that all of the data has been imported free of any human error and is completely accurate. So in addition to saving 6 hours of data input we have saved the client any added costs on error-checking and re-inputting.

Another significant benefit of Datamolino’s product is the added value to our business now that we can offer this service enhancement to all of our existing and future customers.

This helps to underline to our customers that our business is keeping pace with the latest developments in the industry and provides customers with more reasons to adopt our services.

We asked Andrew his thoughts on the biggest impact cloud accounting and software has had on his business…

(AW) Cloud accounting has enabled me to market my services as a consultant / advisor to clients. It enables me to open a discussion with clients around wider aspects of their business development beyond mere compliance work.

Helping clients to achieve easy cost savings in admin time, as well as service enhancements using simple customer invoicing and payment services means that clients now view me as a valued consultant in a broader sense than before.

A Wilson Accounting was started by Andrew in early 2015 following a variety of roles in a number of commercial sectors in the UK and US. Andrew is a member in practice with the Association of Accounting Technicians, the Association of Taxation Technicians and is a member of the AVN National Accountants Network. To find out more about how Andrew can help your business and for a completely free initial Business Health Check visit , email Andrew at or simply give them a call on 01803 413 414

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