5 tips to making your workation a success

4 years ago

Over 40% of small business owners don’t take all of their holiday and almost 1 in 5 sacrifice 10-15 days of holiday a year to be an entrepreneur, according to Sage One statistics. With many business owners and employees alike struggling to take the time off to relax and/or blow off steam, the “workation” is the ultimate solution.

Defined as the act of heading to a location to get away from your daily grind to get some work done, the workation is introducing fun and inspiring new ways for business owners and employees to work whilst relaxing. Ahead of the bank holiday weekend and September getaways, we’re helping you get the most out of your workation with top tips for making it a success:

1. Co-working with like-minded people

The antidote to working alone, is of course working along with others, highlights our Sage Business Expert Mary Cummings. Gather your entrepreneurial friends together for a co-working day in the park or take your colleagues down to the beach for a workation. All you need is a spot of Wi-Fi, a dongle or trusty 3G/4G. The fresh air will inspire out-of-the-box thinking and create a happy working environment for all involved.

2. Embrace flexibility

Running an online business gives you the flexibility to work when you have the time available. You may wish to take a break abroad but fear switching off completely. If you’re a parent, like Susanna Scott, founder of BritMums, flexibility also helps you to run your business outside of the 9-5. That could be between the school run or after the kids are tucked away in bed. Having access to emails while on the go is a valuable use of time and most business owners and employees alike couldn’t do their job without it.

3. The power of the cloud

If you want to work anywhere, at any time, cloud-based online software is imperative. Cloud-based applications allow businesses to access vital information regardless of your location, optimising productivity and giving you visibility whenever you need it. In order to have a successful workation, ensure all important communications and documents are accessible in the cloud and available to all the right people.

4. Stay connected

As a business, an employer or an employee, being restricted by space, place or time is a thing of the past. The people you engage with in your working life do not see an office, or even a company, they see individuals. Marieke Guy, Project Co-ordinator at Open Knowledge, understands that this creates a level playing field where the main restrictions are technology, culture and enthusiasm. You need the right dose of these three components for a successful workation. Stay connected with your colleagues and your network and create a contemporary support infrastructure so that you can continue to be part of a team.

5. Don’t replicate your office

Regular traveller and freelance writer Jon Norris, understands that to do business from anywhere, you have to be really selective. It’s no good trying to recreate your office at home or at a hotel – you’ll never be able to replicate your place of work somewhere that is designed for leisure.

Even “business centres” at hotels offer little more than a printer and some drab wallpaper. You need to pick and choose which bits of your job to take with you. Aside from the easy stuff like email, calendar and Skype, decide what information and devices you require for your workation.

One of the most amazing things about working remotely – be it from home, at a relative’s house overseas, or while basking in the sun next to a pool – is that you won’t be pulled this way and that by colleagues. You can get on with actual work; so that’s all you need to take with you.

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