How to get an extra working month each year (#OneMonthBack)

4 years ago

Not enough hours in the day? Days in the month? Months in the year? It may be time for a change of perspective. Our recent survey shows UK businesses are actually losing at least one month of working time each year due to their bad habits. You’d be surprised how just a handful of new behaviours could help you reclaim that precious time.

8 in 10 businesses suffer from bad habits

Let’s be honest – most of us have a thing or two we “really need to stop doing”. Whilst watching reality TV or snacking in bed might be our worst habits back at home, leaving things until the last minute (guilty?) poor work/life balance (yes, we’re looking at you) and not taking time for praise or celebration (get that bubbly in the fridge, pronto!) are top of the rankings in the workplace. With 8 in 10 business owners recognising the issue, bad habits seem to be damaging productivity big time.

Whether it’s due to lack of prioritisation or perhaps not sharing enough information with the wider team, it’s clear businesses in the UK are being slowed down. For one in 10 even having out-dated tech could be stopping them getting work done properly. In fact, 1 in 2 businesses told us they are losing up to an hour a day to poor performance… adding up to over one working month each year! Just think of what you could achieve in your business with the luxury of an extra month…

Claim back your month

The good news is, habits can be changed. Although, with as many as 91% of you admitting you haven’t yet managed to break your routine, it may not come overnight. Reasons for this include the effort it takes to break the cycle as well as not really knowing where to start. But the biggest reason for not breaking bad habits was simply that businesses hadn’t questioned the way they work to figure out where they could be saving time.

Perhaps retrospection is indeed a good place to start. Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes? Where is it that you consistently lose time? Do you repeat the habit of racing to get your accounts done at the end of the month? Or working till the early hours trying to make up for lack of preparation ahead of an important meeting? Either way, once identified, these habits can effectively be replaced by a more constructive routine. Why not get some food and headspace at lunchtime instead of working right through break time with a decreasing level of concentration? Maybe picking up the phone to talk something through will avoid you hours of emails.

Whether it takes 21 days or more to make or break a habit, if it means becoming more successful we’re sure many an entrepreneur will accept our challenge to quit the bad habits and claim back their month of time.

Over to you – WIN an Apple Watch!

Apple Watch

At Sage we’re passionate about reimagining the business of doing business to inspire and empower our customers to prosper and be all they can be. That’s the reason our Sage One online accounting software has been designed to give businesses the confidence to think big by making accounting and invoicing simple. It puts you in control of your business and allows you to effortlessly stay on top of your finances, so you can focus on making your business great.

We believe that substituting bad habits for more positive ones could mean entrepreneurs have a more balanced lifestyle, are more productive and ultimately feel more successful.

In fact, we’re so excited about the idea of UK businesses claiming back such a huge chunk of their time that we’re encouraging you all to make a positive change, now.

We’re asking you to tweet us to let us know your resolutions and to encourage you to keep up the good work, we’ll be sending £1,500 worth of prizes to randomly selected winners! Prizes include treats to help celebrate your latest success, a smart alarm clock to help you start the day on the right foot, an Apple Watch to keep track of time and life/work balance and more. So Tweet away including the #OneMonthBack hashtag and we look forward to hearing how you will claim back your month!

Read more about entering the competition on the Lifehacker website.

Over the course of the next month we’ll also be sharing advice from leading business lights and entrepreneurs on adopting good habits for business success on this blog and on Twitter @SageUK.