How Sage One has transformed the way a client and accountant work together

4 years ago

Paul Donno (1 Accounts Online)Paul Donno (1 Accounts Online) has written a great little blog about how our Sage One cloud accounting and payroll software has “transformed the way that a client and accountant now work together” by making it easier and more convenient for them to collaborate in real-time online.

He goes on to describe how our new Bank Feeds allow customers to suck the data from their business bank account into Sage One saying “the business owner then just clicks on the record to allocate it to the correct area of the accounts, it is so easy to use, saves a lot of time and typically with Sage One it has been designed for the business owner and not the accountant.”

He’s not wrong. Sage One was created from the ground up to provide new and small business owners with a simple way to manage their accounts and payroll as quickly and easily as possible. By doing this, we’ve been able to press the reset button and only put in the features that they really need, and none that they don’t.

If you’re still unsure of the benefits of using online accounting, read Paul’s blog ‘Why wouldn’t you go online?‘, have a look around this website and then sign up for a free trial of Sage One at