Top 10 eCommerce Tips for Start-Ups

4 years ago

In this guest article, Bespoke, a leading web and digital marketing agency in Preston, Lancashire, share their top tips for launching an eCommerce business or selling online in 2015…

Develop trust with your audience

Security certificates, payment logos e.g. (Sage Pay and PayPal), testimonials (like TrustPilot below), and delivery/returns policies all help convince the user that you’re a reputable online seller. They boost the trust signals on your website to reinforce the customer’s confidence in you as an online retailer.



Conversion is key

When it comes to having your eCommerce website designed and built, conversion is paramount. Whatever product or service you’re selling, it’s essential that the site converts to deliver results and revenue.

How can you do this? With strong call-to-actions, creation of urgency and by using directional clues to help the customer navigate across the site.

Colour is crucial

Did you know how important colour is when designing a website? It can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, it can improve readership by 40% and colour can impact by up to 85% on whether someone decides to make a purchase.

So make sure the buy or call-to-action buttons are a contrasting colour or do tests to determine which one gets the best reaction!

Compelling imagery

There are various studies that have argued that lifestyle imagery can have a huge influence on conversion, especially if you sell products in fashion.

Marija Aslimoska (Parfumarija)
The most important aspect is that your business is portrayed the way you want it to be, whether that is professional and upmarket or approachable and fun.

If you are selling products, showcase the items in the best possible light with clear and detailed photos.

Set up a proper category structure

When a shopper is in an emotive purchase state, they don’t have time to ‘find’ items. They need the product they are looking for in front of them as quick as possible or a sale could be missed, so the more products you have the more important it is to have a correct filter structure in place from the get go.

Take this structure as an example:

Gender = Female
Article Type = Dresses
– Brand
– Color
– Size
– Price Range

Make sure your site is mobile friendly

It goes without saying that all new site builds should be responsive for mobiles and tablets or provide them with a free mobile app like ours.

Mobile and tablet have now overtaken desktop usage, a recent study showed that 69% of adults were left ‘frustrated by websites that weren’t optimised for their mobile’ and 23% of UK smartphone owners access retail sites on their device.

Sage One mobile app

Get call tracking software

If you do a lot of business over the phone, look at call tracking software such as Response Tap so that you know what channels are generating you sales.

This can help you find out how many calls you are getting, from where and at what time and more!

Pricing is powerful

Make sure your website has clear pricing, especially with regards delivery. If you can offer blanket free delivery on all items then that’s even better. Also make sure it is clear whether or not prices are inclusive or exclusive of VAT. All these factors can have a big impact on converting visitors into customers.

Consider other avenues for quick sales

As well as your eCommerce site, it is worth noting other ways to generates sales quickly and easily. As after all, we wouldn’t advise you to put all your eggs in one basket!

Try and save some budget for Google Shopping Campaigns which are a great way to boost sales, and consider Amazon and eBay marketplaces as a channel for acquiring new customers.

Monitor your competitors

As the wise old saying goes, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

To stay one step ahead of the competitive game, monitor your competitors closely. Monitor their prices with tools such as Competitor Monitor and monitor their Organic Growth with Search Metrics.

What now?

Take your business idea from the drawing board and bring it to life with an eCommerce platform. Download our free ‘Sage One Toolkit for Connecting Online‘ and ‘Sage One Start Up Guide‘ to see how.