Inside Sage One (with Paddy Lindsay)

4 years ago

Paddy Lindsay, Sage One Developer at Sage (UK) LimitedBy Andrew McFetrich (Senior Recruitment Specialist at Sage).

We’ve been catching up with some of the great folk that have joined the Sage One team here in Newcastle to give you inside access as to what it’s like to work here.

Next up is Paddy Lindsay, Developer.

Hi Paddy, What made you decide to join Sage One?

I joined Sage on advice from my Dad! I saw it was a great company to start with so I applied. A couple of weeks later and I’m part of the team and loving it! I spent a few years travelling the world after studying computer science at university and after seeing so many different places I knew I wanted to live in Newcastle. It’s a great relaxed atmosphere here and I get the chance to learn every day!

What was the training like when you first joined the team?

Well, I was a bit rusty after a few years of travelling but I love coding and was always keeping up-to-date with things when I was away. When I did join Sage One we had an induction that you worked your way through at your own pace – loads of online courses and documents. You get your code reviewed by other people so it really helps you. The induction was great as you work through it at your own pace – it wasn’t a regimented classroom thing. Then after a month or so I was asked if I wanted to start helping the team out and I got stuck in!

What’s the atmosphere like in Sage One?

It’s a good laugh! We get our work done but we have loads of fun! It’s ‘pair programming’ so we work with someone else and getting their view on what you’re working on is a huge help and makes it a lot quicker. It also means you’re not just stuck in an office churning out code, but instead it’s a nice collaborative atmosphere. The office is great – big and open plan with big glass windows. We use the latest Macs so it’s a great environment.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining the Sage One team?

Do it! Apply! As long as you enjoy what you’re doing then this is a great place. It’s hard work but if you want to understand things and really learn then there’s no better place. The senior guys are brilliant at helping you out.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A policeman. (I should have said something cool like an astronaut)!

Who would be your dream hire for Sage One?

If I’m choosing someone for their technical skills then Jony Ive. He went to Northumbria University in Newcastle too so you never know! ;o)

Want to work for Sage One?

The good news is we have plans to hire even more people into our Sage One team! Keep an eye on our current openings here, or link in with our recruiter Andrew McFetrich.

Feel free to ask anyone in the team a question on Twitter @SageUK by using the hashtag #AskSageOneTeam