Updates to Sage One Accounts Extra (2nd February 2015)

4 years ago

Peter Trimm (Product Manager, Sage One Accounts)By Peter Trimm (Product Manager, Sage One Accounts).

On Monday night we made another raft of great feature updates to our Sage One Accounts Extra software in response to customer feedback we have collected in recent months.

These were:

Printing Chart Of Accounts

One of our highest ranking requests was the ability to print and export the Chart of Accounts. Although it’s still possible to manage and view the Chart of Accounts within Sage One, sometimes it’s just nice to have it displayed on a piece of paper or in an Excel worksheet. This is particularly useful if you’re manually coding invoices or thinking about a redesign of your accounts structure.

Trial Balance & Sorting

Sometimes it’s the little things we do that our customers really appreciate. We’ve had a lot of great feedback and we’re now motoring through the list. One of them is the ability to sort the Trial Balance by the Nominal Code, which makes navigating the numbers a lot easier. The Nominal code now also has its own column – so is even better when the report is exported to Excel.

Aged Debtor/Creditor Reports

We’ve added much more information to these reports lately, with further improvements coming soon. Our latest update means the reports now include additional information such as invoice date and invoice total. This will really help when managing your debtor and creditor balances.

Posting to Owners Drawings via a Bank Transaction

We sometimes add functionality to protect our users from making mistakes but hindsight is a wonderful thing and we sometimes find we’ve been over zealous! Previously it was only possible for users who have had access to the Journals feature to post to the owners drawing account. However, we’ve listened to our customers and agree this is not intuitive, so we now allow this via other payments in the banking area.

Control Accounts

Manual journal postings to a control account is not a regular thing you need to do but occasionally it is necessary. Lots of accounting systems prevent this. However Sage One will allow you to do this but we’ve added a warning message, just in case you have selected the wrong account.

To learn more about these latest updates and to see which others we are making, please visit and bookmark our ‘Updates to Sage One Accounts Extra‘ page.

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As a SaaS (Software as a Service) product we’re continuing to improve and fine tune Sage One based on feedback we receive from business owners, accountants and bookkeepers.

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