Ride the wave of the ‘UK Start-up Revolution’ with Sage One

4 years ago

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well with the UK now having more than 5.2 million businesses. 95% of these are micro businesses (0-9 employees) and it’s clear that the start-up revolution well and truly underway!

Stephen Kelly, our new CEO of Sage Group plc, recently announced our annual results which included a huge surge in Sage One numbers as small and micro businesses looked for new, better and more mobile ways of working. The 150% increase in paying subscriptions to 86,000 (up from 35,000 the year before) was largely driven by a strong take-up in markets like the UK.

Businesses are increasingly needing an online solution that they can access from anywhere and from any Internet-enabled device, whether that be on the road, in a hotel, in a café or even in the middle of a field!

Offering you simplicity, flexibility, security and a whole host of features for managing finances and payroll at a competitive price-point, people are turning to Sage One Accounts and Sage One Payroll so they can concentrate on growing their business.

Nick Longden (General Manager of Sage One UK & Ireland) said: “The UK continues to be a challenging, yet exciting place to own and run a business. We are really encouraged to see that businesses up and down the country are turning to Sage One to be their cloud accounting software provider. In 2015 we are looking forward to continuing offering a superb product at a price that suits businesses no matter what stage they are at.”

Sage One customer Jules Quinn from The *TeaShed said: “Due to the nature of my business and always being out and about, I need to be able to see my accounts and raise invoices from the train, hotel rooms and on the move. This is why Sage One is ideal for me as it allows me to access and manage my business’ finances from wherever I might be – even in the middle of a field like earlier in the year at V Festival!”

Join the revolution!

If you want to be part of the start-up revolution, sign up for a free 30 day trial of Sage One Accounts at https://app.sageone.com/signup?product=accounts