Always On: 3 apps for businesses thinking local, going social!

4 years ago

Use social media and online tools to promote your local business onlineIn the run-up to Small Business Saturday on 6th December, people around the UK are preparing to show support for their community by spending money with local businesses.

But what about the rest of the year? Whilst the awareness campaign is an invaluable initiative for Britain’s small and micro businesses, we must not forget that entrepreneurs need the support of their local community all year round!

This week on the Sage One blog, we’ll be providing you with daily tips and advice to help you make the most of your local community on Small Business Saturday, as well as every other day of the year. But because small businesses are not all about the high street, we’ll be focusing on tips for online activity, helping you keep in touch with your customers in the digital age.

If you’ve read our posts over the past week you’ll have guessed that reaching out to your local community online takes some work. Or does it? Today we’re focusing on quick wins to attract new local customers because not every entrepreneur can spare a precious hour to update Twitter, send a newsletter or meet an influencer for coffee. Below is a list of three apps you could use to show off your business locally to boost your sales.

1. O2 Priorities: ‘Exclusive offers, tickets and experiences’

From £1 lunches on Mondays to concert tickets before they’re on sale, this app is one for anyone looking for an occasional treat. From a business perspective, O2 Priorities means extra visibility for your business since the apps updates depending on the users whereabouts to let them know which cool businesses are in their area. Fancy popping up on your locals’ phones? Then make sure you submit your business to this app sooner rather than later and rank amongst the likes of Nero, Upper Crust and even Madame Tussauds.

2. Yelp: It’s all about the locals

More than just an app about the best places to eat, drink and play, Yelp is designed with locals in mind. In fact the user generated content is created by locals themselves! Simply add your business to the Yelp map and let your customers know they can check in, review and recommend you to other people in your area. You could even provide an insensitive like a free gift to those who check in for the first time. Not only will a presence on Yelp encourage your loyal customers to keep in touch by posting pictures and tips, it will also mean your business is suggested to people in your area when they’re looking for a new place to go. Get on it!

3. From online to offline

Not everybody in your local community is actually local. Think about it, what about the temporary locals, travellers, deprived of their 3G whilst outside the comfort of a Wi-Fi zone? Well, has an answer to that. This detailed map works on your phone or tablet without a connection to the Internet. To make sure your business shows on users maps, all you have to do is add your business to the source used for, As soon as the app is updated, your business will appear on the map for all to see, online or off.

Adding your business to these three apps will take you next to no time but could result in many new customers in your local area. Another example of how you can use online to boost your local sales.

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