#SageOne star: Robyn Wilson (Wilson Barbershop Co.)

4 years ago

Robyn Wilson (Wilson Barbershop Co.)Instead of us just telling you how good we are, we asked Robyn Wilson from Wilson Barbershop Co. to tell us why she likes using our Sage One Payroll software.

1. Hi Robyn, could you please give me a brief summary of who you are, the name of your business and what you do?

My name is Robyn Wilson and I’m the owner of Wilson Barbershop Co. situated in South Gosforth, around 10 minutes outside of Newcastle upon Tyne city centre.

There is a community feel in our barbershop and we like that our clients are local people. We aim to surpass their previous expectations of barbering and provide an unparalleled experience within our area.

2. How many people are in your business? Is it just you or do you have business partners / employees?

I work in the barbershop on a full time basis, I have one part-time employee and one apprentice. Hopefully in the New Year, we’ll have a new member of staff join us and we can look at expansion into new locations. I think Sage One will prove even more useful when we’re bigger!

Wilson Barbershop Co. in South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne

3. How long have you been using Sage One Payroll? How were you managing your payroll beforehand? Why did you change?

I started using Sage One Payroll when I employed my first member of staff in April 2014. Having a clientele with such diverse range of careers, I knew someone amongst them would have a recommendation for payroll software. Sage came into conversation quite a lot while I was in the recruitment process, so I gave it a go and have never looked back!

4. What do you like best about Sage One Payroll?

Sage One Payroll works for me because it does everything I want and need it to. It has a simple and straightforward interface and I can access my payroll anywhere as long as I have an Internet connection. I also love that I can be a bit eco-friendly and email password-protected payslips to staff too.

When Wilson Barbershop Co. expands into more locations, I think Sage One Payroll will be great to keep track of which employee’s are doing what. I’m also thinking of using Sage One Accounts soon so all of my information is in one place.

5. What advice would you give to someone starting out in business / following in your footsteps?

To anyone who is starting out in self employment, read everything you can get your hands on about being in business. It’s not difficult as long as you’re organised. Things like Sage One Payroll make it easier to concentrate on what’s important to me and my business – cutting hair!

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