#SageOne stars: Fiona & Iain Brown (Cambuslang Karting)

4 years ago

Iain & Fiona Brown (Cambuslang Karting)Instead of us just telling you how good we are, we asked Fiona & Iain Brown from Cambuslang Karting to tell us why they like using our Sage One Payroll software.

1. Hi Fiona & Iain, could you please give me a brief summary of who you are, the name of your business and what you do?

We are a brother & sister who grew up in a world of motorsport. Our family business, Cambuslang Karting, is an outdoor kart circuit 15 minutes from Glasgow city centre where customers can experience the sport of karting in a controlled and safe environment.

We provide facilities and support to a range of customers from those wanting to enjoy karting just for fun, to those who want to become more involved in motorsport, providing tuition, training, education and “race team” support at our Cambuslang track and other motorsport club operated venues in the UK.

2. How many people are in your business? Is it just you or do you have business partners / employees?

We have 15 employees including Iain who is the sole director of the business and I help out on a part-time basis to support the family business.

3. How long have you been using Sage One Payroll? How were you managing your payroll beforehand? Why did you change?

We are now in our second year of using Sage One Payroll. We previously managed our payroll using a combination of free HMRC online tools & spreadsheets that I had developed to suit our business needs.

However with the introduction of new Real Time Information (RTI) legislation for PAYE this process was no longer viable and we had to explore various options to ensure compliance with HMRC requirements.

4. What do you like best about Sage One Payroll?

The best thing about the package we use is that it is cloud-based enabling us to access it from anywhere with internet access.

We like using Sage One Payroll as it’s easy to navigate and manage and ensures compliance with all the latest HMRC legislation. Recent improvements to online payslips have also been great and we look forward to hearing more about new features and updates to Sage One in the future.

We have also been considering adding Sage One Accounts so we can integrate all our financial information with the payroll system.

This was actually one of our main reasons for selecting Sage One as we knew there would be opportunities for add-ons and continuous improvements to the packages along with the great customer service support.

5. What advice would you give to someone starting out in business / following in your footsteps?

For someone considering starting out in business we would advise that they check & understand what will be required of them as employers and that they have the tools available to assist them in running their business, ensuring they meet all legal and financial requirements.

There are continual advances in technology as well as changing legal and compliance requirements so this should also be borne in mind when considering what products and tools to use.

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