3 big reasons to start a business

4 years ago

Jonathan Dowden (Sage)We now live in a world where starting a business is not only a realistic option but also a vital step for anyone. Here are 3 big reasons why…

1. We are all businesses

Whether we choose to recognise it or not with 40% of the world’s population connected to each other, we are all businesses operating in a global marketplace. If you consider yourself to be in full-time employment, you have a single customer who buys your skills, knowledge and experience.

In a world where change and the pace of change are ever accelerating, a business that relies on one single customer for 100% of its’ income is on shaky ground.

The solution is to create new income streams through additional businesses based on your unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience.

2. Anyone can start a business

The old world barriers to starting a business are falling away:

* Capital & Cash flow – You no longer need start-up capital to get started. An idea and an Internet connected mobile device is all you need to start testing and idea building capital, cash flow, skills & knowledge as you go
* Access to Customers – You’re no longer confined to a local market you now have access to 40% of the world’s population from where you are currently sitting . It’s no longer about the size of your marketing budget but the size of your network and how you use it
* Time – You’re no longer confined by the hours you have available outside of your 9-5 job to run a business. In this new digital world a phone, internet connection and a social media presence enables the business to be running without you, with online applications you can develop the business from whereever you are, whenever you can

3. Anyone can build a successful business

Success is personal, defined by the individual, no longer confined to revenue, profit or market share but also flexibility, mobility and satisfaction.

Minimal start-up costs and the ability to run the business flexibly means that anyone can start small and gradually build the business by testing learning and adapting. This minimises the risks of failure whilst at the same time develops vital skills and experience.

It’s not about writing a business plan before you start it is about building a real business model testing it and creating real-time evidence of how the business works, unlocking opportunities and dealing with issues before they become fatal.

Start small, think big and get going as there is really nothing stopping you. Start now by downloading some of our free guides to the right of this blog.