5 things you should take away from Export Week

4 years ago

Exporting Is Great BritainIf you’re an ambitious entrepreneur looking to take on the world, you’ve probably been walking, talking and sleeping ‘export’ for the past five days as Export Week sought to give you all the advice you need. However, if you’re a very busy ambitious entrepreneur, things might not be so simple.

You may not have had the time to attend related events every evening, follow the #ExportWeek Tweets morning and night or read every single blog post on the topic. Sometimes, however empowering a business event may be, you just can’t take the time out to follow it properly because you’re simply too busy running your business!

But not to worry, the Sage One team has got your back. We’ve been following the fantastic initiative closely and have rounded up our top 5 takeaway messages for start-ups:

1. “No new market ever looks the same” explains the (UKTI) UK Trade & Investment. The first lesson for you to learn. Even within the European Union every market has its specificities – and these include challenges as well as opportunities meaning what works at home might not bring you success elsewhere. Market research is key.

2. Sage One Payroll customer Jorge Gonzalez from Britain and Latin America Exports Ltd has been following Export Week closely since exporting is at the heart of his business. His advice to start-ups wanting to explore a new market is to conduct a full audit before going ahead. “When you’ve picked the right market for your business, plan your arrival. Find out everything you need to know from legal restrictions to cultural preferences. Even take a look at the local calendar so you don’t contact partners at the wrong time of the year! Prepare to succeed by really getting to know your market.”

3. “Go to the markets that are moving the quickest” is the top tip from Tom Adeyoola, CEO & founder of Metail – the online fitting room app,  who spoke at the Celebrating Exports event at City Hall on Monday. When choosing where to move, make it all worthwhile by going somewhere you can make sales quickly.

4. Don’t miss opportunities! Indeed your diary is chock-a-block trying to get your business off the ground but what if one event could be your fast-track? An impressive 70 ‘Export Week’ events were held across the UK this week, supported by pioneers from the Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Enterprise Kit Malthouse to Dragons’ Den investor Kelly Hoppen. Go on, get out and about! You never know what may come of it…Maybe a whole new market!

5. “Get as much advice as possible” says the picture below shared by the East and West Midlands office for the Cabinet Office Regional News Network.

Indeed, you can do all the desk research in the world but nothing beats hearing the experience of experts or peers who have been there and seen how exporting works for themselves. If Export Week proves one thing it’s that the right support is here for those who need it.

For more great tips and advice on exporting, visit the UKTI website and read back through all the #ExportWeek Tweets on Twitter.