Stop wasting your time and start a business today!

4 years ago

Most people will have at least one great idea for a business but for the vast majority it remains just that…an idea that never makes it into the world because they think it’s too hard to start.

This is a shame because modern technology means you can start a viable business right now, today and yet traditional advice says you must spend months planning and preparing. We disagree because…

You DON’T need funding to start something

Most businesses can be started by ‘bootstrapping’ and without the need for funding. Don’t let your grand vision get in the way of doing something useful and making a start today.

Start Now. No funding needed.
from Derek Sivers on Vimeo.

You DON’T need a business plan

When was the last time you correctly predicted the lottery numbers? If you can’t predict the future, don’t waste your time trying.

As Derek Sivers says: “Your business plan is moot (of little or no relevance). You don’t know what people want until you start doing it!”

A far better approach is to outline the key points of your idea and then test it out on real customers to refine the business proposition.

You DO need the right support

As the UK & Ireland’s biggest software provider, we’re on a mission to help more people turn their dreams into reality and give them the tools to start and grow a business.

To help, we’ve produced a range of free guides for small and micro businesses including our ‘Sage One Business Survival Kit‘ and ‘Sage One Start Up Guide‘.

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