Workplace Pensions Functionality in Sage One Payroll

4 years ago

GOV.UKBy Neilson Watts (Product Manager, Sage One Payroll).

Since we launched our pre-staging Automatic Enrolment functionality in late August, we’ve been working hard to improve our workplace pension functionality within Sage One Payroll.

Following our latest update, you can now:

1. Determine which payments and deductions are included in your pension contribution calculations

2. Set up workplace pension schemes for NEST, The People’s Pension and Now: Pensions

3. Set up and define your own customised workplace pension scheme

4. Set your default workplace pension scheme so that Sage One Payroll will automatically apply the scheme to eligible job holders once your business starts staging for auto enrolment

5. Define your workplace pension contributions as a fixed amount or percentage

6. Define whether your workplace pension is applicable to pensionable or qualifying earnings and whether the contribution is deducted before or after tax

7. Calculate and deducting your pension contributions whilst running your payroll

8. Payslips and Detailed Report will now include both current pay period and year to date pension contribution values

9. Seamlessly post pension contribution values to Sage One Accounts as part of the normal salary journals on completing your pay run

10. Improved workplace pension reporting

Take a quick look at our short video below to see how easy it is to set up Workplace Pension Schemes in Sage One Payroll.

Coming soon from Sage One Payroll for Automatic Enrolment

We’re continuing to work hard on Automatic Enrolment features that will help your business beyond staging, including an easy way to manage worker opt outs and postponement, reporting and record keeping, calculating pension contributions and working with your pension provider.

Please note: Sage is unable to arrange pensions or put you in touch with pension providers as these are regulated investments. Sage’s reporting also works on the basis that you have independently established a pension scheme with these providers. Sage does not endorse, promote or recommend any pension providers or products.