How Sage One has #GoneGoogle (and what’s coming next)!

4 years ago

Since becoming a ‘Google Apps Premier Technology Partner‘ in July 2014, we’ve been working on some awesome new web and mobile-based integrations that we can’t wait to share with you in due course.

In the meantime, we thought it was a good time to review what we’ve already done with Google to get to this stage.

The story so far

1. November 2012: Sage One added to the Google Apps Marketplace

2. January 2013: We blogged about Google+ and why small businesses should use it

3. January 2013: Google Drive integration added so Sage One users can backup their invoices and access from any mobile device

4. January 2013: Google Chrome Web apps created for Sage One Accounts and Payroll

5. February 2013: We discussed the benefits of the cloud in an excellent ‘Hangout On Air’ with Google and the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

6. June 2013: Single sign-on created so Sage One customers can login using their Google Apps account

7. October 2013: We held a focus group with Sage One customers at Google’s St Giles office in London to get their feedback on our future Google integrations

8. March 2014: Google writes about how ‘Designer Lorna Syson uses Google Apps and Sage One to run her company while on the go‘ on their Official Google for Work Blog

9. March 2014: Integration added to enable businesses to Sign Up or Sign In to Sage One using their Google account

10. July 2014: Sage awarded ‘Google Apps Premier Technology Partner’ status

11. September 2014: Google features us in their ‘Google Drive + third-party apps = files at your fingertips‘ blog on their Official Google for Work Blog

12. September 2014: Sage becomes the first FTSE-100 business to map out their global HQ using Google Business View (see below).

13. We co-hosted the world’s first global #MicroBizMattersDay at the Google for Work office in London, broadcasting 8hrs of continuous Google+ Hangouts sharing tips and advice for micro business owners everywhere.

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Google for Work

We’ve embraced Google’s technology in our everyday lives and even blogged about how members of the Sage One UK team were using Google Drive and Google+ Hangouts to collaborate better with colleagues around the world (see ‘Is the paperless office finally here?‘ on

Hangouts in particular are something we love and have been using them to do some great interviews with leading small business experts and entrepreneurs like Brad Burton, Sway, Tony Robinson OBE, Rachel Bridge, Naomi Timperley, Steven Renwick, Lorna Syson and Kay Allen OBE. (Watch them all here).

What’s next?

We’ve done some cool stuff with Google so far that our customers tell us they love (like interior accessories designer Lorna Syson below), but we’re even more excited about what’s coming next with our new Sage One mobile app.

So watch this space and be a part of it by signing up for Sage One today at