14 articles all start-ups have to read

4 years ago

Swiss Army KnifeHow much advice is too much advice? With so much free business advice online you may be feeling overwhelmed or wondering where to start. To make life easier, we’ve rounded up 14 articles we think all start-ups should read (below).

Whether you’ve just started your own business or have been living the dream for a while already, these professional tips should save you time, headaches and perhaps even money.

“When starting out as a youngster in business, you think you know everything and the best way to do things. However you will quickly realise that you don’t and I was told to listen to everyone’s advice and take it on board then discard it as needs be but, at least, listen to it all. Everyone will have something to say about your business and more often than none a few will be diamonds of advice that you may have never listened too – you never know when you might need it.” Miranda Harper (Zaini Hats)

1. 3000+ Amazing Business, Productivity, Blogging and Life Hack Resources – Alltopstartups.com

Is it cheating if we include a round-up in our round-up? This article on alltopstartups.com gives over 3000 life hacks for entrepreneurs. See the time you spend reading this as a long term investment!

2. How to create a profitable business idea – entrepreneur

So you’ve had the eureka moment, now it’s time to take it all the way. This article is perfect for those of you who constantly have “great business ideas” without knowing exactly how to go about making your dreams come true.

3. Guest blogging for SEO is dead – Davidnaylor.com

Based on the words of Google’s digital guru Matt Cutts himself, this piece will advise you not to waste your time on guest blogging. Content marketing may be all the rage for new businesses, but you’ve got to get it right!

4. Dividends and tax – Goringeaccountants.co.uk

This one will save you hours of frustration, headaches and endless calculations… Understand everything there is to know about dividends and tax for your small business from a professional accountant.

5. Customer service is going to become the differentiator – Thejfblogit.co.uk

You may know by now that at Sage we love good customer service, in fact we think it’s so important we have people on the end of the line 24/7! This article predicts customer service is going to become the differentiator. Get ahead and find out more about customer satisfaction for your start-up.

6. 7 things to do before starting a business – Startups.co.uk

Because you’ve got to start somewhere, so you may as well start in the right place! Great advice from one of the top sites for start-ups.

7. How to convert new business leads – TheNextWomen.com

Cool experiential events company (and Sage One Accounts user) We Are Parable explain how they convert new business leads to make sure their time is money.

8. Your checklist for a healthy business – Lee Perkins

Cash flow is one of the main causes of business failure, so the MD of the Start-Up and Small Business division at Sage has made you a checklist to make sure you look after your finances carefully and cleverly.

9. How to make a great first impression – Joannedewberry.co.uk

First impressions can make or break a business, don’t take the risk of missing out…

10. How cloud accounting can give your business freedom

Last year we wrote this post to tell you all about cloud accounting solutions. Do your admin on the move to make sure your business is healthy and ready for growth.

11. The number 1 thing you must know for your business to succeed – Jimsmarketingblog

We love all of Jim’s advice, so when his title states there is a number one thing entrepreneurs should know for their business to succeed, we can only recommend you find out what it is…

12. How to pitch your small business – Guardian Small Business Network

Got the opportunity to spend some facetime with potential clients, customers or investors? Don’t let it go to waste! Find out the best ways to pitch your business and get ready to wow.

13. 5 top tips for crowdfunding your business

Crowdfunding is the latest way to get your business up and running, so naturally we invited Crowdfunder.co.uk to tell our Sage One readers all about it in 5 top tips.

14. How to learn from rejection when starting your own business – Guardian Small Business Network

Tom blogs about the highs and lows of a start-up adventure and according to him there’s lots to learn from rejection. Always look on the bright side!

What do you think of our list above? Can you recommend any other great blogs are articles for start-ups to read? Please share them in the comments box below.